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Passenger lift has reported

By: zhaozhi posted at Aug 27, 2015 8:35 pm

Passenger lift has reported Macquarie Capital is talks with various prospective investors surrounding the assets within the US division, for which analysts valuation estimates range from $US750 million ($1 billion) to $US1.23bn.Boral today said its expects its US division to report a further increase in earnings in fiscal 2016 on the back of increased housing activity.

Boral chief executive Mike Kane said the results reflected the benefits from the company's overhaul of its ***** which reduced the size of its workforce and resulted in the closure of some unprofitable operations.“We’ve improved Boral’s cost base, strengthened the balance sheet and we are managing our portfolio of *****es more efficiently," he said.

The results also saw Boral's US division returned to profitability for the first time since fiscal 2007, reflecting the ongoing recovery in US housing activity as well as further benefits from ***** improvement initiatives.Speculation has been rife recently that Boral co

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The owners of the passenger lift have been talking to the owner

By: zhaozhi posted at Aug 26, 2015 11:30 pm

“The owners of the  passenger lift  have been talking to the owner of The Chapter House and their intention to keep the feel of the old bar,” Deitz said.

The construction will be modeled off of photos of the original structure from 1905, according to Deitz. While they will likely add an elevator and a few other modern amenities, they expect to recreate the classic bar layout that stood on that site until last April’s fire.

The process of acquiring a demolition permit is still ongoing, according to Deitz. He said CPS was recently issued a certificate of appropriateness to demolish the remaining structure, which is a prerequisite to receiving a demolition permit.

“This is admittedly an ambitious schedule,” he allowed, “but we are hoping for cooperation from the City in order to achieve this.”

Even though the pub will be housed in a brand new building, the owners have emphasized that they want to maintain the charm that had made the Chapter House a favorite of Cornellians fContinue Reading
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Nostale review

By: SniperArtz posted at Oct 12, 2008 11:39 pm

Hello :D

I just signed up today, i read some reviews before and i thought it was pretty cool. So i decided to make my own review on a game which i just played called Nostale. This is my first review so be easy on me D: This review is based purely on MY opnion. If you have any opnions please voice them out, and please dont be rude and post idoitic comments, thank you :D

Anyways let's start shall we :) Well i played this game Nostale for around 1~2 weeks, my first impression of this game was that it is really cute. I thought " Hey, this game would probably be like Ragnarok just cuter", after playing 1~2 weeks i wouldn't compare this game to Ragnarok. This game's standard is no where near Ragnarok's level ( I'm sorry to say this Nostale lovers, but this is what i really believe).

Nostale screenshot


At the start of the character creating character, you have very LIMITED styles for your character. You would literally be running around in the game saying " Sup my twin brother from another mother". There are four classes in this game like any typical online games, mages,archers etc... Nothing special about the classes i would say... The classes then spl

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Andaleon said:Second job for just a limited time? Goodness gracious, that's probably the worst scam i've ever seen! D:


By: Paradox(Destruction) posted at Mar 23, 2008 11:57 am

Oh not at all my dear friends, there is actually for those who don't know a "United Kingdom" version of the game. No that is not some fancy new attribute to MMO's it's just the name of the area it is hosted in. As of yet they have not preformed an IP block so if you are really wanting to play the game and don't want to wait for the CB on the so called "Global version you may actually go to the site I will link below. Now remember I said "as of yet" I have no clue if they will in fact block IP's at a later date. So if they do don't come snapping at me. Just like the old saying goes "Don't shoot the messenger"

All in all it is a pretty cute and fun game, I have played it a while ago and have recently gotten back into playing it. So you will see me on there from time to time if you do decide to join.


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Hyuk said:Dude you played so many games, lol. I have never heard the name of the game, do you get any screenshots?

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