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Trickster Online New Episode

By: Zevri posted at Oct 06, 2011 4:13 pm

Trickster Online has introduced its latest and biggest patch, Songs of Love and Fate. Beyond being the biggest content patch in the game’s history thus far, this patch also brings some finishing touches to the current story arc.

Well, I said it was a big patch, right? So I am guessing you’re curious what that entails. Well, the new episode brings 23 new maps, including places like Chagan’s Mind, Alteo Empire, and Gate of Nefertiti Temple.  Quest wise, this comes with 41 scenario quests, 15 normal quests, 18 new NPCs and 17 new monsters. The update also brings in some new features, one being the Escort System. This will have you guide an NPC through a dangerous maze, and have you keep on your toes as you try to keep him alive. So suffice to say, with this new patc

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Trickster Online Revolution: Current Review

By: shelbeeoh posted at Jun 20, 2009 7:44 pm

Okay, so today I downloaded Trickster to my computer for a second time. The first file was filled with spyware, coming directly from some bug off of Fileplanet.com (note to self: don't use again.). The second time, I downloaded from the site and the file wouldn't install properly with Vista. After messing with the functions and properties for a while, it worked and I was able to patch for about 10 minutes and then play. My characters remained intact from play 2 years ago at a fine standing. I had to restart one because I was unsatisfied with the name of it. So now CreamTea has become my main character. Started from scratch. So we'll see where I'm headed with this so far. I'm enjoying their new process of entry to the game. You have to collect application papers handed to you by monsters outside citadel walls. It's an interesting prospect, although it could have been pulled off better, but I'll take it. They made an attempt right? The one issue I have to address, is that the cash shop rewarded me with mountains of items for returning to the game. If you haven't played in a while, GO ON NOW! They will heap your inventories with little spoils. Mostly expensive p

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The End of Ntreev?

By: NoeJeko posted at Feb 11, 2009 7:16 am

The revelation came to me with the announcement of OGPlanet's Albatross 18 closure. But wait, isn't this an Ntreev blog? What does OGPlanet have to do with that?


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mytrickster.net wiki

By: chibuku posted at Dec 22, 2008 5:27 am

mytrickster.net wiki is not updating anymore and i don't know the reason why there are not updating

but i found just like mytrickster.net wiki



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Great Trickster Online Contest On MMOsite!

By: sst posted at Sep 27, 2008 11:16 pm
Want Ipod and TO premium items?  participate in our contest!


To celebrate opening service of trickster in Thailand, Ntreev USA will be giving away free gifts, including chance to win Ipod and premium items.
First you have to be a member of MMOSITE and sign up for trickster.   
For those who comes in will receive, premium items, and will receive extra gift every 10 level they reach up to level 30.  And once your character is level 20 or above, you will be automatically enter chance to win iPod draw.

By the way,lving in trickster is very easy.lving to lv30 need you only about 3 hours...

If you need some guide or gameinfo,plz visit our Trickster Online Zone . ThxContinue Reading
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Back to Trickster

By: wh1t3w0lf posted at Nov 11, 2007 8:33 am
I got sick of RF Online very quickly, and decided to resort back to my long time favorite games, Trickster. Many people dislike Trickster, but i enjoy the game very much. It has a nice gameplay system, and also the innovContinue Reading
DarkItai said:Man I know how u fill really if you think that trickster is best for u go for it but i still think that RF is cool!! by the way what lvl were u in RF online??(just wanna know)ohh and try some new game...

o w0w my first blog post >_<

By: zakichi posted at Nov 09, 2007 9:35 pm
yes i love pink so what? lolz... another boring day... my graphics card just broke and oh well... guess i have to be content with my 16mb replacement  graphics card lolz.... yes.. but i can still plContinue Reading
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