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Commercial MMORPG Goes Open Source!

By: PinothyJ posted at Jan 03, 2009 9:55 pm

Power to the Gamers

The day is finally here! The day when developers reach a dead end and have two choices: close down the MMORPG or give out the source code and let the MMORPG live on through the fans! In all my life of playing MMOs have I ever seen the latter done, not until now (well not that I'm aware). From what started out as an idea to created a modable MMORPG has evolved into a proposed open source project.


Let me give you the timeline of events. In late 1993, a small company, Cyan Worlds, run by the Miller brothers released a game called Myst. This game blew the face off of the gaming industry. Myst was the first widespread game that was played by non-gamers. It was also the first game to be released exclusively on CD-ROM and held the title of highest selling PC game for nine games until The Sims exploded on PC in 2002.

Myst was simple in that is was merely a point and click adventure (you click on the screen where you want to go and then you go there). Because it was all pre-rendered and used footage of real actors that would react with the computer generated environment, the visuals were absolutely stunning in comparison to almost anything that came before it - especially

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