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APB Reloaded: How will the game survive?

By: DanielCsaki posted at Feb 18, 2016 8:24 pm

APB Reloaded is a game which is already a revival of a scrapped idea but still managed to attract a reasonable amount of players.

The recent server merges in APB Reloaded indicated that there were some existing population issues. Servers, however, were not only facing population issues but imbalances between the two playable factions as well.

Nevertheless, APB Reloaded still remains a functional online shooter that can keep players busy for years to come, but there is plenty of space for improvement.

Among other things, the publisher promises game-changing updates to come in the near future like the long-awaited upgrade in ABP’s engine. The engine change is clearly imminent and would possibly solve some of the optimization problems that are currently present. But the engine is not the only

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v_Ve said:I think the game is going to do very good on console, so that nice that they are finally launching on that platform. Now I only wonder which console will get it? O.o

4G Cell phone Jammer Kit: America's newest hero?

By: chuckchen posted at Oct 06, 2014 2:38 am
4G Cell phone Jammer Kit. www.jammerbuy.com could be the moniker for the nation's newest superhero. Or villain. Or upcoming "Saturday Night Live" skit. 4g cell phone jammer
     Right now, it's what you could call a Philadelphia-area bus rider who's set the online world abuzz with his brazen use of a cellphone jammer. He used the device to shut down fellow commuters when he deemed they were yakking too loudly on their cellphones and presumably annoying everyone around them. mini 4g cell phone jammer
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APB Reloaded Overview

By: MuscleRider posted at May 18, 2012 5:01 am

This is an article from my previous blog, which I happen to close after I registered here at MMOSite. This is an APB Reloaded Overview by ME. 2 Articles to come (from my previous blog)

The GTA IV-like MMO is back reloaded! The Criminal and Enforcer MMOTPS is back with lots of new features, great graphics and gameplay and music.

This action-packed MMO is a fast-paced action MMO that offers a Non-stop PVP action and an unparalleled Character Creation. This game is free-to-play and serving globally. This game is published by Gamersfirst, the same company that publishes Sword2 (Granado Espada in PH) and Fallen Earth.

APB Reloaded is simple yet addictive, it will let you stick to your screen for many hours just to finish your rob or arrest criminals. Let's you drive different cars and rob b

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MuscleRider said: This is an article from my previous blog, which I happen to close after I registered here at MMOSite. This is an APB Reloaded Overview by ME. 2 Articles to come (from my previous blog) The GTA IV-lik...

APB - Truck Griefing 2.0 - Next Era of Grief!

By: Pelagato posted at May 17, 2012 6:50 pm

Today is a boring day!!!! I dont even know what to do!!!! Here is my small dilemma...

- I am mad at Rift... Class balance??? Once again???

- STO... I am tire of it, Pew pew and thats it...

- Botters and general BS is taking over Blacklight Retribution...

- EVE is EVE, I dont really feel like joining the virtual psychiatric world...

- Tribes... Oh snap, I am tire of farming XP for items... or farming badges...

- D3... Ok i get this one later on in a month or two... who knows...

- SWTOR... 1.3??? Where r you?????

- Tera = Skip...

- TSW, is not out yet!!!! Oh wait, the combat is flat. = Skip...

- GW2, I dunno if this game is going to be released at all.

- Minecraft, medical problems, My eyes are starting to turn into two small Cubes...

Ok, as you can see, today I had a bad day at home, I had nothing to do at all, or nothing to play at all, I was like, ok what to do, what to do, what to do. My best friend... aka computer... Is not so fun today, maybe I should try something mor

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Pelagato said: Today is a boring day!!!! I dont even know what to do!!!! Here is my small dilemma... - I am mad at Rift... Class balance??? Once again??? - STO... I am tire of it, Pew pew and thats it... - Botters ...

APB - The 'Tommy Gun' - Valentine Massacre Reward...

By: Pelagato posted at Feb 15, 2012 12:53 pm

Hey peeps, the Valentine Massacre event is currently running is going to end in 5 more days, so far everything have been cool... The same game with a bunch of pink weapon poping up hearts above your head as you take damage... lol

If you are like one of those players that manage to max out the Valentine Massacre title, you probably already have the Tommy Gun... If you still dont have it, then start fraggin ASAP because time is running out, the event is going to end in a few days...

Fortunately for you guys, if you miss this gun right now, you can get it in the cashshop later on... but right now you can get the taste out of it for free lol...

Anyway, here is the Tommy Gun... just watch the gun in action, its one hell of a fun gun to use...

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Guest said:Is all that lag & edgy frames client/server side or is it your machine?

APB - The Rage of the Snowflake - umadbro...?

By: Pelagato posted at Feb 14, 2012 12:20 pm

Hey peeps, one of my favorite things about APB is that you can go crazy around the place and mop the same noobs over and over again when they keep doing the same mistakes over and over again lol!.... I know it sucks if you are the one getting killed but that is your friggin fault...!!!! You can either change tactics or Rage Quit, its your choice...!

The problem is that sometimes the "over glorified snowflakes" believe that they are the best and if you beat the crap out of them its because you are a friggin cheater!!! aka. AIMBOT!!!! This kids usually get mad when you kill them, the good thing is that I really enjoy killing this snowflakes so much, because their friggin 'hackusations' are like compliments to me...

Thank you!! Thank so much!!!! //kisses to the public... I am a star...

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Guest said:your ego knows no bounds

APB - Another Threat System!!!! Oh Rly!! AGAIN!!!????

By: Pelagato posted at Feb 02, 2012 2:44 pm

That's right people, APB threat system just received another respec or set of new functions... Now instead of having the old character threat system based on how good you play or hack, the game now uses an account wide threat system... So if your account is Gold... You are going to be Gold threat in all your characters no matter how high or low your rating is...

What is more interesting is that G1 now organizes the districts in a very strange way... We have green districts, copper districts... etc... Now if you are for example Silver... then you get into the Silver district and based on the G1 theory of fair play, you should have an interesting experience... Right????

Well it turns out that their new system is so friggin flawed as hell... The game let you enter a lower threat district

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Guest said:They should just make it so players can only go into their respective threat color. So Golds have to be in gold and green with green and so and so on. Golds no longer grieffing anyone lower than the...

APB Reloaded... Possibly The Closest Thing To A GTA MMO!

By: GeorgeWashington posted at Jan 31, 2012 12:08 am

Whats up gamers im your host Zach Sharpes here with another Level Up episode! This time though we have Jake on the show to talk about his thoughts on the game as well as mine. APB Reloaded was one of those games that failed, but then got reloaded into a system I think it should have had since the beginning. The game its self is commonly referred to as the GTA MMO, or Grand Theft Auto if you dont know the terminology, but what do you think?

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Question Of The Video: What is your favorite aspect in Grand Theft Auto styled games?

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Guest said:it sucks becouse its soooo damn limited..a team can only be up to 4 players..they need to do much with grapic and gameplay as well

APB Reloaded - Behind the Law and Crime

By: gbim posted at Jan 11, 2012 6:35 pm

I've beenawayabitbecause I wassick,after improvingstartedwitha friend, ananalysisReloadAPB(All Points Bulletin).
Initially it wasa promisingcharactercustomizationisvery interesting, theconceptual ideaof the game wasinteracting inasocial environmentwhere theychoselaw orcrime,takenbecauseof theremarkable resemblanceof the game withthe "acclaimed" GTA(Grand TheftAuto).
Imagine an environment"chaotic", full of action and muchshooting,but soontomove fromthe firsthourwe realized thatwas not the casebecause there wassome paperworkin the systemof interactionbetween the factions, we thought we couldfightall the criminalsfree,the more we findthat only thosewho joined themissionsassigned tothe "police" would be givenasenemy combatants.
Thetargeting systemwas verypoorat timesworth more thanjust ho

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Guest said:The matchmaking is horrendous, the targeting is poor, the missions are repetitive, the playerbase consists largely of derps, \'truck griefers\' and last but not least it\'s pay to win.APB is a failure...

APB Fight Club - Ranting Review!

By: Pelagato posted at Dec 12, 2011 6:33 pm

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dlytion said:lols peep, you still playing APB? I have no idea if this game have the first person view setting or not. Would u please explain that to me?

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