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My Nike shoes, My love

By: gawgfew posted at Apr 12, 2009 11:16 pm

My Nike shoes, My love 

I am a boy who is in deep love with shoes, especially Nike shoes. Everytime I go shopping, I will enter the exclusive agency of Nike shoes and have a look at the shoes on shown, like Nike Dunk shoes, Nike Shox Shoes, Nike Sports Swear, Nike air Jordan, Nike Basketball. Generally speaking, the price of Nike shoes is about 600-800. I am a normal staff working in a small private enterprises. And the salary of mine is about 1500 a month. For the limited salary, I have to pay for the rent, I have to eat and buy some items in daily. So I do not have extra money to buy a Nike shoe. Just window shopping!

      My girlfriend Diana is a cute and beautiful girl. We were schoolfellow at college. Her dad was dead of stomach cancer when she was studying in middle school. So she lived alone with her mother from then on. She was not rich, but she always did anything she could  to help others. She was not depressed by her unfortunate family and attended so many parties. I was knocked by the cheerful girl, with kind and good nature. Then we fell in love with each other.

Now she is still working in college. Her favorite thing is taking shopping

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SniperArt said:i like airfroces :)

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