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Dreamlords: At a Glance

By: odimok posted at Jul 28, 2008 12:22 am

For the past few weeks I’ve been immersed in the world of Dreamlords, which launched in the middle of last month. If you haven’t heard of the game before now, Dreamlords is an independently developed online game from Swedish developer Lockpick Entertainment, but it’s not you typical MMO. Lockpick has been looking to expand the MMO beyond the RPG and into the game space of real time strategy, with Dreamlords being the final product of this endeavor. Although I haven’t played the game quite enough to make a full review, today I’d like to provide a basic first look at the game’s systems and features.

Dreamlords is set in a shattered world where people live on chunks, or islands, of reality floating in a foggy mist. Your dreamlord, your avatar in the world, is a giant glowing being who towers over regular humans and has recently awakened to be the savior of the people of your Patria, you territory. The game has three factions, the Thul, the Nihilim, and the Covenant. The Thul are a beast like warrior race, and are designed to be the most straight forward if combat is what you live for. The Nihilim are a group of magic users and weaker in combat bet be

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godofpandas said:nice review  but not for me

The armies of Lady Asynja enter Elysion

By: platy posted at Jul 27, 2008 8:07 pm

Some wounds will never heal...

For eons she has been searching with an ever-growing hate... and will never forget what he did to her.


As his name keeps echoing in her mind, her thirst for revenge grows stronger. She stumbles upon the remnants of Elysion, the long gone paradise, and suddenly senses his presence. He is here.


The sky starts to tremble as she orders her army to attack your lands. There will be no mercy until he has been found. The first invasion is imminent and there is no telling what the future will hold.

Ghunán, lady Asynja is coming for you...

Blessing of Ghunan still in effect

The Blessing of Ghunan, the powerful warlord from the First Kingdom, is still in effect. This means that all players' equipment suffer no durability loss from PvP.

Other Gameplay changes

  • PvP tactical costs for higher tier units has decreased
  • PvP tactical income drain has decreased with these costs
  • Thul Bloodfeast has been nerfed

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    Dreamlords: The Reawakening : Premium Compensation

    By: odimok posted at Jul 06, 2008 8:02 pm

    Lockpick Entertainment has announced that they will be compensating premium members for a bit of confusion surrounding trait points.

    As you know there has been quite some confusion about premium accounts and unavailable trait points. The confusion has to a large extent been due to vague communication on our part and therefore we will compensate you in the following way:

    Anyone who is a Premium member at 2PM (Swedish time) on Monday July 7th 2008 will receive all their unavailable points to their available balance at that time. People going premium between this point and then will get half the points now (as it is currently implemented)

    After this, the bonus we had of retroactively receiving half the trait points will be removed. Unavailable points will not even be visible to the player until we have added the feature of paying tribute for unavailable traitpoints.

    As this might seem unfair to players who paid for premium earlier (even if they now too get all unavailable points) we will add a number of free days to their account equal to how many days ago (from July 3rd) they went premium.

    We also got Click and Buy to make a few changes for us in their automatic fraud detection system

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    Dreamlords : Launch Date Announced

    By: odimok posted at Jun 13, 2008 7:53 pm

    Lockpick Entertainment has announced that Dreamlords The Reawakening, their free to play MMORTS will launch on Wednesday June 18.

    In a not entirely surprising move, Swedish online game developer Lockpick Entertainment today announced that their anticipated Free-2-Play MMORTS game Dreamlords The Reawakening will launch on Wednesday June 18 (this year that is).

    A long, hot and intense summer lies ahead…

    The waiting is coming to an end and after the physical move of the servers earlier this week the team is ready to release their love child together with the community.

    “We’re really happy to release The Reawakening now and I know that it is highly anticipated from the Dreamlords community. Drawing on experience from the development of our previous game Dreamlords but also through feedback and suggestions from our much devoted community, I’m convinced we’ve created the game we initially set out to produce last fall”, said David Rosén CEO and Executive Producer. “The Reawakening is in every perspective a game by gamers – for gamers and now I can only hope the players will have as much fun playing it as we’ve had developing it.&rd

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    furiosknight said:Oh boy! Another MMO to try, thanx for the heads up...

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