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The Right Way to Allow 4G Cell Phone Jammers

By: chuckchen posted at Sep 04, 2014 1:31 am
The FCC just issued  a Special Temporary Authorization to allow the DC Department of Corrections to test a 4G cell phone jamming technology.  http://www.4gcellphonejammers.com/

      This technology sounds like an excellent solution to a serious problem:  The illicit use of cell phones inside correctional facilities by prisoners across the country.  In particular, the technology appears to be "directional," meaning that unlike traditional 4G Cell Phone jammers, which simply block signals within a certain radius around the jammer, this technology appears to be capable of blocking signals inside the confines of a particular room or building. 

      In fact, I'm sure millions of Americans would love to see such technologies implemented in cinemas, theatres, and other performing arts venues across the country.  I, for one, am tired of having the exquisite acoustic delicacies of Bach interrupted by anContinue Reading
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No Open Beta For LittleBigPlanet

By: Falkner posted at May 12, 2008 2:42 am

Despite promises to the contrary, Sony now says there will be no open beta for the upcoming PlayStation 3 release LittleBigPlanet.

PS3 Fanboy reported on the change after speaking to both Community Development Manager Sam Bennett and Producer Pete Smith at PlayStation Day. Both said the game will undergo an internal beta phase at Sony, and while there is a possibility that a "small number" of gamers and press could be included in the program, an open beta test is not going to happen.

In place of the beta, Sony is apparently considering a demo release, although the contents of a demo and when it would be released are not yet known.

As recently as January, Kyle Shubel, Managing Producer of International Software Development at Sony, promised an open beta in a video posted on GameTrailers.com, and suggested a demo was also very likely. "We are still looking to do a demo," he said. "It'll be a derivative of a public beta ... We're gonna have to run a public beta, it's an online title, we want to get you guys involved as possible."

"That will be where we're going to get a lot of our things ironed out," he added, "and that's where we're als

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