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Should you play: Star Trek Online

By: Scion Storm posted at Aug 15, 2016 2:21 pm

I used the standard format for this 15 points. And I came to the conclusion it is worth playing. With a 2.5 score mainly because pay to win exists. And this game strongly favors Trekkies and scientific types.
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Star Trek Online: Console UI Discussed

By: DanielCsaki posted at May 26, 2016 12:13 am

We recently discussed the arrival of Star Trek Online's console release and now the developers have revealed the actual user interface for the console edition. It is evident that the conversion from PC required a revision of the user interface and we already spoke about the graphics improvements that are heading our way.
In Star Trek Online, you can move around both in space and on the ground and the developers are currently striving to translate these onto consoles in a way that the experience is at least of the same quality as on PC.  They added, "As the game has matured over the last six and a half years, it has grown in scope, offering more and more interesting ships, items and powers for the player to exploit during their trek through the stars."
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Star Trek Online - Follow Up Commentary On Gaming Practices In STO

By: Scion Storm posted at Feb 04, 2015 11:59 am

We all agree that we don't like pay2win aspects. While I was going to make a video discussing this in Star Trek Online. I found someone beat me to it. And did it really well. I think cash shops should offer alternatives. But not affect the game to the point. It is a complete gain to pay over playing the game normally. The problem with all of that is this. It makes it so in that games community. No one really wants to play the game as it is.

What ends up happening is the games become pay to be lazy. Or they become pay to play the game how it was supposed to be anyway. This happens more when a pay to play game goes free to play. Things that were freely able to achieve. Now become pay to go faster and pay to not lose your damn mind.

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Nanbo said:An even better video on P2W vs non P2W:

Star Trek Online (SIP) Should I Play Series

By: Scion Storm posted at Oct 13, 2014 8:47 am

Well by now you should get the method behind this series. If I'm showing it? More than likely you should be playing it. Fans of the shows and movies will feel right at home. Because the game does an excellent job telling stories. And making you feel as if you truly are a Starfleet Captain.

I can also give this title the king of the most balanced (Pay2Win) Perfect World has. Those aspects come into play with the games endgame ships and lock boxes. To the impatient it is very pay2win. Because outside of waiting for ship giveaways. You really can't get any ships beyond paying for it (Unless).

You build Dilithium a in game currency source that the game freely throws at you. The catch is you can only refine and use 8k per day. So lets take that into consideration. A ship I want cost 120k Dil

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Guest said:It is a really good game. Some people have problems understanding it because it has a slightly different style of gameplay than most space games but I find it fun. I can\'t wait for today\'s patch to ...

Star Trek Online Revisited Review

By: Scion Storm posted at Apr 02, 2014 2:37 pm

A few years back I picked this game up. And for reasons I don't even remember why I stopped playing. Well now that I picked it up again. I haven't stopped playing. Well for one I'm a Next Generation fan. And this game has so many references and cameo appearances. I just got to keep playing to see who I find next.

The main thing out of this game you want. Is does this feel like you're playing Star Trek as a mmo. I say it really comes as close as you can get with a few flaws. I'm going to make this one quick and to the point. Because this game has been around a long time.

Ships=  The fact you can freely change and color them. With some limits of course to design. And you can earn a free copy of the Enterprise C at lvl twenty WIN!

Combat= Space combat is bad ass and stressful if you don't act accordingly. Land combat is way better then I remember. But still kind of meh, where brute force beats skill. Not exactly something you be yammering for. But the way you can edit and mak

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Nanbo said:Awesome! Love to see games get rehashed up in re-reviews! Especially after the developers have been working on it (for better or worse). There is so much to get into as well. Guild base building adde...

Overdue News Week: STO Legacy of Romulus Review

By: LordYanLiang posted at Nov 26, 2013 1:46 am

Hi, everyone. It's your boy again, back from what must seem like the longest hiatus in ages. It's been a busy summer for me, both in regards to MMOs and outside of the gaming realm, so I haven't had the time to really sit down and get any pieces done for your entertainment. Nut I've been approached by a few people to do a few things, and most of these things I've been able to do while I've been "gone". I regret not having the time to post any of these things over the summer, but seeing as it's November I think it's time to start bringing you all into the loop now, before it's too late.

Over the summer I sat in on a livestream for EQ 2's "Scars of the Awakened" game update, as well has made a brief attempt to try Final Fantasy XIV's closed beta. I'd talk at length about Sc

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Guest said:Best MMORPG, period.

STO - Legacy of Romulus - synopsis...

By: Pelagato posted at Sep 03, 2013 7:24 pm

STO was released 3 years ago, I cant believe how fast time goes, the thing is that after the game went F2P, there is always a solid amount of people playing it at any given time and apparently the game publisher is making some real money out of the game, to the point of releasing and giving away for free an expansion pack lol.

I know the expansion is not new at alll, the Legacy of Romulus was released a while ago, but it wast until recently when I had the chance to play the game and create my own Romulan character.

Playing a Romulan feels like playing any other character in STO, you just do your thing in the game, shoot other ships, blow things up and pew pew some people on the ground, the most important thing is that your ears are pointy and your blood is green.

Instead of having a fe

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Aailiyah said: pew pew pew

Nanbo's Star Trek Online Review

By: Nanbo posted at Jul 19, 2013 10:38 am
I remember when this game launched because of the Taco Bell advertisements (giant size cups with STO on them).

Allot has changed and a large content pack has been released for free. This is one of those titles I joined way late into the F2P conversion. It will be one of those titles I end up uninstalling and then some years later, re-installing. It is currently on my hard drive and updated. Here is my review of Star Trek Online (STO).

1) Graphics: They are great and generally can run on any modern system. They can be cranked up depending on your system to really stand out. I can run in on my 5 year old ASUS laptop and it looks great (where these screen shots are coming from). I can not max out on the lap top but on the home system the game looks beautiful full settings with sun reflections g

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Improving Reputation(s)

By: RoguePaladin posted at Apr 13, 2013 2:05 am
Before anyone misunderstands or any nay-sayers decide to decent onto this post with self-righteous fury, no this isn’t about STO’s reputation with players as a game or about trying to “save” the game. The game doesn’t need saving, it’s already an amazing and successful MMO. This is about their planned improvements/additions to the game’s Reputations system. STO is adding another Reputation to the game in the new expansion coming this May. Frankly, I consider this a good thing, and honestly feel that their moving many rewards into the reputation system is a smart move. That said, the reputation system is in desperate need of a lot more of these reputations.

I really feel that making the whole game based on these reputations is a much smarter idea than what they started with. I’d like to see them put in a Starfleet reputation for FED players, a Klingon reputation for KDF players, a Neutral Factions reputation, a Borg Invasion reputation (to separate it from the Omega Task Force reputatioContinue Reading
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Star Trek Online Progress

By: gothicsyn posted at Nov 15, 2012 3:36 pm

Honestly when I started this game I didn’t know what to think nor did I really know what to expect all I knew is I liked the look of the little Cruiser. So I chose and commissioned the USS Vampirica (Who fans will recognise as one of our Role-Play clans) she was small severely under powered and quite crappy to be honest.

But as time went on we grabbed a few upgrades and turned into something with a lot more heart and power, she was quick and could turn like I could have never wanted for. Even to the point of going one on one and beating a Borg Sphere or two, of course run into a cube and we were done for. But on we went making the rank of Lieutenant Commander and gaining access to a brand new set of ships, I do like the fact each rank give

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