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Twelve Sky 2 CBT2 Review

By: Zanpakutou posted at Mar 25, 2009 7:01 am

Twelve Sky 2 is the sequel to Twelve Sky released a few years back. Twelve Sky 2 was developed by MAYN Interactive and is an overhaul of the first game. The main improvement is the graphical overhaul of the game so that it looks like it was something actually released in 2009. There are many similarities and a few differences from the first game. There are a huge amount of beta keys out right now and not all of them are used yet. The main website also mails out keys sometimes so register an account and wait if you haven't got an account there yet.


War between some Asian style clans.


A huge visual improvement over the first Twelve Sky. The character and enemy models look great, but the skills could use some work. Many of the hairstyles of characters look too similar for their own good and lacks variety. There is a nice variety in the clothing of the different clans, but the high end preview equipment looks rather silly on most of the characters. Skills seem very bland and there isn't much of a difference between them. Some skill animations are recycled and not much is done to improve it even at higher levels. Enemy animations are fairly smooth.


For character c

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biff10426 said:For one, the game is click to move.  I'm still astounded by how many MMO's refuse to move out of the dark age of this control type.  You give us WASD and the option for click to move, or I d...

TwelveSky2 Closed Beta Phase1 ending.

By: pedrofsky posted at Mar 08, 2009 7:21 am

TwelveSky 2 Closed Beta Test

Tomorrow, 9th March 2009 at 1AM GMT, is the end of the TwelveSky2 closed beta. Thanks to mmosite, i've been able to enter this phase1 of the closed beta test and so i went and tried this game out. First of all, i've never played the previous twelvesky,  so i didn't understand a thing about this game.

To begin with, they asked me wich faction i wanted to choose, the Dragon, snake or tiger. I didn't know wich one to choose so i've searched the twelvesky forums to see wich one is better and people said it was the Guanyin. I was like wtf?, but then i found out they've changed the names of the factions in TS2. I ended up choosing the snake clan (fujin), because it was the clan with less people and it looked more ninja than the others xD.

In game:

As i started the game everything looked awesome. Everyone looked like a badass ninja and the graphics detail of the characters looked pretty good, altough everyone looked the same, but then again, this is a beta test.
Happy with the game so far, i was planning to start the adventure this game had to offer. The first quests allowed me to know where the npc's are on the map, and

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cathq said:Con's are more than Pro's this isn't good for game who is new 

Twelve Sky Global Version Will Be Closed and Welcome to Join the Other Versions

By: zwkl100 posted at Mar 16, 2008 8:21 pm
Latest news from: http://12sky.gamengame.com/
Dear Twelve Sky players,

Welcome to visit the Twelve Sky global version website!

We are very glad to have a good time with you in the game. Thanks very much for accompanying us to bridge over many difficulties in the past. Also, thank you very much for enjoying and supporting the game. Because of your support and attention to this game, it is now expanding all over the world.

As you know, Twelve Sky is a good game with special systems, colorful actions and many oriental style skills, which attracted many players to enjoy it. However, due to many reasons, we regret to announce that the Twelve Sky global server will be closed on Mar. 31st, 2008. At the same time, we are also pleased to tell you that Twelve Sky has many different versions all through the world. You can continue to play it by choosing the most suitable version according to your location. We will provide you better, more wonderful and more stable service.

The followings are the official website linkages for all the other versions of Twelve Sky:
North America: http://12-sky.aeriagames.com/
Taiwan: http://ts.gameflier.com/
Korea: http://12sky.paran.com/
Malaysia and Singapore:
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Not working...

By: Lucid_Kaze_Angel posted at Jan 17, 2008 5:14 pm

I down loaded Rappelz and it didn't work...it's my fault really. Anyway once I said, "Fuck it", I went to play 12Sky. However, that game also didn’t work because of me tryingContinue Reading

Hyuk said:Take it easy, man

Latest MMOs launch updating

By: VinaStalker posted at Dec 28, 2007 12:18 am

Recently, my favorite MMO RO2 started its updating in Korea. Though I just have a knowledge of Korean. But it have no effect to my great interest in the RO2!

New scenery screenshots unveiled as below:


The Twelvesky 2 also launches to closed beta at 2:00PM today!

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aahyu said:when ro2 will come to us ...

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