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Dedicated City Of Heroes fans call Disney to save the game. Going too far?

By: Dododoro posted at Nov 28, 2012 11:49 am

When NCSoft announced the shut down the 8 year old MMORPG City Of Heroes back in September,

fans were outraged and sent out messages from begging and petitions, to death threats if the game wasn't revived.

So what do you think a certain dedicated group of fans did?

Instead of moving on, they've decided to have a call to arms to the highest grossing company in the world...

and started this petition


With 2 days and 12 hours to go on the petition to Disney Interactive,

the group has gotten over 21,745 signatures thus far in an attempt to save the game.

But whether or not Disney will answer to the call of these desperate gamers

will be the key if the game will be revived.

Now we all hate it when our favorite games get shut down, but it's not the end of the w

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Guest said:for now I like to start off by requesting City of Heroes/Villains/Freedom so on well Off line mod. Iam sick and tired NC SOFT KILLING SERVICE LIKE THIS! I know off line mod dose have one drawback. PVP...

NCSoft - Killing Them Softly

By: TuxedoSLY posted at Nov 01, 2012 7:32 pm

I decided to take some time off from the new WWE 13 game to relax and read a bit. I hadn't caught up on the news in a couple of days and for someone like me that is rare. Last I checked Megastorm Sandy was wreaking havoc on the East coast, Democrats and Republicans were still going at each others throats "for the good of the nation," and the Kardashians hadn't been burnt at a stake for Halloween.

Good for them.

Randomly surfing the web I came across an article that, as an MMO fanatic, made my stomach turn a bit. I was reminded that City of Heroes, the very first super hero persistent world and one of the longest running big time MMO's, was very much near its final days. I believe we're around one month away from City of X closing its doors and leaving many superheroes with nowhere else to go, save for two other similar yet radically different titles.

How depressing.

City of Heroes is one of those games that you just get nostalgic for. I remember reading all about the game ba

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Phiend said:R.I.P. Exteel

City of Heroes Shutting Down But Are Recent Demands from Gamers Going Too Far?

By: Lushy posted at Sep 09, 2012 1:51 am

To start off with, I would like to say that I think that I’m a reasonable person. Just as food, popular trends and bizarre fashion statements have a shelf life, so do video games. From MOBA’s to MMORPG’s, games have a shelf life where they eventually are considered outdated, out of touch and even unprofitable. Not to say that old games have to start hemorrhaging money in order to be shut down, but like every good business model, there needs to be more than just staying in the black.

If a company spends $99 dollars a month on a product and only gets $100 in return, then technically they are profitable. Not to say that they are getting anywhere near the actual return they want, but they are still in the black. As the game industry has seen its fair share of hostile protesters, such as the

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Guest said:Actually NCSoft lost a lot of money this past quarter with poor business decisions that had nothing to do with City of Heroes. Namely buying Ntreev for over 90 Million and increases to labor costs by ...

'City of Heroes' is going to be closed down soon...

By: Pelagato posted at Aug 31, 2012 8:14 pm

Hey peeps, it looks like City of Heroes, the first mmo about superheroes, is going to be taken down soon, according to the official website, the development studio behind the game, Paragon Studios is going to be closed in the nearby future because NCSoft no longer have any interest in the game or the studio at all.

If I am not mistaken, the game wasn't really generating a lot of revenue, not to mention that its an old title, so getting the extra influx of people into the game that you need is pretty much impossible at this point unless you are willing to invest some serious money and respec the whole game upside down... 

From what I heard, it was a great game and kinda fun but as my old grandma used to say... All good things will come to an end... I guess the guys over DCUO (SOE) are going to rejoice because all of those City of Heroes fans are probably going to play their game now. Lets see if they also hire the employees who are going to be jobless after the closure of Parag

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LordYanLiang said:I can\'t even tell you how depressed I am over this news. CoH is easily my favorite MMO hands down, and I never got the chance to experience all of it.I read their press release. It\'s just...wow...

City of Heroes Freedom Lauched today

By: Zevri posted at Sep 27, 2011 2:13 pm

Yes, yet another p2p switches over to the free to play model, the latest game being, City of Heroes. This was actually announced awhile back, but now it has actually gone live. So if you didn’t give it a chance before, now is your chance to try out this game.

If you’re not too familiar with City of Heroes, it’s a game where you become a super hero.  It allows players to play out their geeky comic book fantasy of being a super hero and donning on a cape to fight for justice, truth, and all that crap…..Yea, I prefer playing the villain more. But in all seriousness, the game was received well upon its release, and even I knew quite a few people that played it.

City of Heroes Freedom is the new name for the game after going free to play, in which the company has dec

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City Of Heroes Freedom VIP Beta Released Today

By: Lion NY posted at Aug 09, 2011 8:46 pm

Paragon Studios has announced the release of a VIP Beta for City of Heroes Freedom and Issue 21: Convergence. Freedom will introduce a hybrid of free-to-play and subscription models, featuring a new microtransaction friendly in-game store. The VIP Beta begins today at 7 PM Eastern time.

Freedom Overview

City of Heroes Freedom will be the new name for the award-winning super-powered massively multiplayer online game, City of Heroes. City of Heroes Freedom redefines City of Heroes based on the cornerstones of content, rewards, and choice. With City of Heroes Freedom, you will get the freedom to play and pay as you choose. Join the future of City of Heroes in City of Heroes Freedom. Freedom is the future!

City of Heroes Freedom "Issue 21" trailer

 Looking forward to seeing you on tContinue Reading
Guest said:Another Champions Online game.. how limited are we this time?

NCSoft Announces CoH Steampunk Pack

By: Sir Loin of Beef posted at May 18, 2011 11:28 am

Even after celebrating the game's 7 year anniversary, NCSoft is still in the giving mood. The good folks have just announced in a press release a new Steampunk themed costume pack for their superhero MMO, City of Heroes, that will be available for purchase  on June 1st.

Adding a bit of Victorian flair this time around, the costume pack includes a lot of goodies for those superheroes/villains that want to show off their classier side. Along with over 60 basic costume parts, players will also have access to steam-powered jump abilities, as well as appropriately-themed auras. To top it all off, the pack also includes the latest in "pantaloons swapping technology," allowing for new costume change animations, which look pretty damn cool. Just make sure not to get oil stains on yo

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Fonzie31 said:Ooooh, This looks really cool guys! ^^ A Steampunk set finally in COH, I can\'t wait for this one.

City of Heroes Praetorian Surge Event Coming Soon

By: Sir Loin of Beef posted at May 06, 2011 12:02 pm

Invasion events seem to be the big thing nowadays in MMO games, and NCSoft isn't afraid of jumping on the bandwagon. City of Heroes will be hosting a month long event that will requires players, both heroes and villains, to take part in pushing back assaults by the invading Praetorian forces.

This invasion event will play out a bit differently than others of the same vein. Instead of the invasion taking part a

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City of Heroes Team Hosting Live Stream

By: Sir Loin of Beef posted at Mar 25, 2011 4:58 pm


Normally, if you want to be able to talk to the developers of your favorite video game, you have to pay over fifty bucks for a convention pass just to get into the panel, get forced to sit next to a couple of choice individuals that have forgotten the importance of bathing, and have to deal with the eyesore of horrible cosplays.

The people behind City of Heroes seem to

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newgucci said:good post!

Comic-con 2010: City of Heroes Going Rogue Preview

By: Mandifesto posted at Jul 31, 2010 7:52 pm

Denizens of Atlas Park, mauraders of the Rogue Isles, I come from Comic-con bearing news: You will soon be joined by a third type of player.  He lives in the shadows between good and evil, and prefers the grey shades rather than donning the white or the black hat.  With City of Heroes: Going Rogue, players will be able to choose to dabble in both the good sides of villains and the darker aspects of heroes.

Going Rogue opens up a new universe to City of Heroes: Praetoria.  In Praetoria, players will create a character devoid of alignment, and go through a completely new leveling experience where they choose sides between the resistance or the loyalists.  Will you choose to help the utopian government, or be their downfall?  Because these shades of grey

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