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New Anarchy Online Subscriptions & Engine Movie

By: right79 posted at Jan 27, 2008 7:56 am

Funcom announces the launch of a new tiered subscription system for Anarchy Online that ranges from free-to-play to a by Blue's News4.95 monthly fee. The announcement also includes word that a graphic upgrade is in the works for the science fiction MMORPG, and a video showing off the new engine is on the Anarchy Online Website.

There is a piece of new about Anarchy  on MMOsite, it's said Anarchy is a game version James Bond.
I agree with it. From the screenshot and some video, The game seems awesome!
But I saw some friends leave message, showing their disagreement....lol...
That is ok....show your opinion~~the comment is a good place for free talk.

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lean said:It's delayed again, damned it! Anyway, I'm still looking forward to it

Anarchy Online 17.7 Release Notes

By: odimok posted at Dec 13, 2007 1:31 am

»»»Download Patch 17.6.4 -17.7.0    »»»Download Patch 17.6.4 EP1-17.7.0 EP1

**New Content and Major additions**

- New Dust Brigade Quest line.

- High level players can seek out the new ICC Officer at ICC headquarters in Andromeda to embark on an ivestigation into the recent increased Dust Brigade Activity.

- Each profession can attain a new HUD / UTIL slot item that allows them access to 4 new improved nano formulas that can be found through rewards for the quest line.

- New Rubi-Ka Quest lines.

- Mid level players can visit the new outpost built around the old Bronto Burger stand in Holes in the Wall to find a variety of new quests.

- These quests come in a number of level ranges. Starting at level 60, then from 80 onwards and lastly for those above level 120 - there are no max level restrictions either, so you can go back and do them with higher level characters if you wish

- New weapon upgrades now available.

- A new series of tradeskills have been added to allow some of the older classic weapons to be upgraded and improved.

- A new vendor in Borelais can provide the starter upgrades at certain Quality Levels.

- Subsequent upgrade items can be found from mission and outdoor mobs as well

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