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Hero Online Review

By: Zanpakutou posted at May 27, 2009 8:04 pm

Hero Online used to be a very popular game. As time went on things changed and its popularity declined and players went to other games. Despite this, it still managed to retain a level that is equivalent to about half of its former peak. Hero Online is a very simple MMO based on Ancient China with some nice touches of mythology here and there. I know this review is late, but since Netgame is shutting down pretty much half of their other games, its nice to know that this one is still around.


The game actually has a decent story and puzzles to solve. Unfortunately the game can't decide where to go exactly so you have multiple story quests. The end of each segment rewards you with a nice item and picture for you to look at. The problem is that each segment of the game feels like its on separate story with nothing actually linking the game together. The entire game is based on some novel but I didn't care much about the source material only what the game has to offer.


By now, the graphics are fairly dated. They aren't bad, but I would position it somewhere just below that of Cabal Online. Character customization does not exist. Your look is based on one of the chosen ba

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drussx said:Quite an accurate honest review of the game. I played for a couple of months, was at lv 40+ before I quitted.

Hero Online: New Tavern Item

By: FloatCloud posted at May 28, 2008 6:06 pm
Hero Online has a new Tavern Item ''Tablet of Alternation'' that changes a sex of Armor.
The armor''s sex changes with the enchantment that you previously made.
Price : 20000 nCash

** Please be noted that it doesn''t work on unique items such as Thunder LordsContinue Reading
danroo said: http://ho.xhost.ro/forum.php?act=7

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