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I did like Shaiya

By: Welhotar posted at May 22, 2009 3:31 am

Still I play more in VCO, that is Voyage Century Online at IGG. That is so fun to be on historic age of our world.



You can meet me at Marco Polo server.

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flipgigzz said:never herd of this game before. but sounds neat,

Voyage Century: Treasure Map Overview

By: platy posted at Nov 30, 2008 10:46 pm

Do you still remember the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? Have you ever dreamed that one day you can find abundant treasure like Ali Baba? Well, while X usually does not mark the spot, and “Open sesame” probably won’t open many doors, the team at Voyage Century knows that there is a lot of treasure just waiting to be discovered.

A treasure map is the key to your dreams of fortune and fame, however, it’s not easy to obtain a complete map, because it is usually made up of several little pieces which are obtained from monsters, quests, etc… If you are lucky enough, sometimes you may find some right under your nose. After obtaining enough map fragments, you can find a treasure hunter to make a complete treasure map.

The complete treasure map will tell you the location of the treasure, and then you must go directly to the location to pursue your treasure!

What does the treasure contain? Money, rare blueprints, jewelry, gems, diamonds, high-level gear, valuable items… Basically, it contains whatever you want!

In Voyage Century, the treasure not only exists on ground, but also exists on the high seas. You will definitely find these treasu

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Voyage Century: Fatal Weapons

By: platy posted at Sep 28, 2008 2:13 am
Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk about some of the cool gear available in the game. As you probably know, there are four basic weapons players can use in Voyage Century, falchion, sword, axe and gun. Each of them has their own unique advantages. However many players tend to master all of the four weapons so that they will have some benefits during PK.

Let’s take a look at some refined weapons.

Many Voyage Century players know that the Black Dragon weapons were the most powerful gear in the game, but after the release of the Colony Age version, refined Level 120 weapons have actually become more powerful. The hit rates and critical strike rates and the power of refined weapons are definitely higher than any other weapons. A Refined Giant Bone Warblade and a Refined Fatal Cross Gun are the best choices for players who like instant kills.

Let’s take a look at the coveted Blood Knight Gear.

The attributes of Blood Knight Gear and Accurate Knight Gear are so high that many players dream of getting one at any cost. Unlike refined weapons, you don’t need to use some impossible-to-get materials to make Blood Knight Gear, instead you can buy them in LevContinue Reading
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Voyage Century Online's city-building update coming soon, rules released

By: right79 posted at Apr 21, 2008 2:59 am
Here's a heads up for all of you who play IGG's Voyage Century Online. There's a news update relating to the rules for the upcoming city-building system update.

Basically, guild members can all participate in the city-building, though the actual building process and leveling of a city is determined by the leader or vice leader of a guild. All guild members have to do is find the construction minister and pay a leveling fund, as well as bring some needed equipment to level up the port. Once the port is ready to level up, leaders or vice-leaders can then increase the level of the port, granting the port a development point.

Before you start thinking about hyper-levelling your ports, you might want to remember one last rule the devs have put in place. This is a cooling time rule, which means that newly-developed ports can't level up until a certain length of time has passed. Crafty, right?

In any event, you may want to stock up on the essentials so you can go grinding for items needed to level up your port in preparation for the rush of guild members who'll be trying to do the same once the update goes live. We wish you the best of luck though, as you set sail for bountiful plundeContinue Reading
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Voyage Century Online : Refining Changing System Will Launch

By: platy posted at Jan 16, 2008 11:54 pm
Voyage Century Online team plan to launch the Refining Changing System on Jan.20th, 2008.This system is not only entertaining but also practical for players. Due to shortcomings found in the original change system we decided to boost the change system after we got upgraded. This new system is specifically directed against parts of the original system that were entertaining but not practical. This system adds practical attributes to change props by completing certain quests.

It can be a great help for players to overtake Hurricane Island. Players can apply to the relevant NPCs for refining by giving them the named gems dropped from monsters on Hurricane Island. At present, this refining system is under test and will be officially launched on Jan. 20th 2008.

For expanded information, please visit:
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Domso said:very addictive game, ocean combat and pirates. crafting is fairly unique, as better ships require good resources to be harvested/bought from players.. you don't even have to fight if you don't want to...

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