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Last Chaos Korea shutting down

By: ExcEsc posted at Jan 30, 2012 11:31 pm

Barunson Games' Last Chaos is scheduled to shut down on February 16, 2012. Last Chaos is a free to play fantasy MMORPG. Though, there's no signs of such action in the NA version from Aeria Games.

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Pelagato said:I dont know about you guys, but this days, there is tons of games in the market... and the community is not growing at the same pace... this will leave some games with low populations...

Last Chaos FTW one the best games on the internet :))

By: DaRealest posted at May 25, 2008 9:10 am

So as many struggle for the right game to stay hooked to,  I may have found the very special one to meet the standards for some.
I have been playing now for some time, 8 months and have made freinds with lots of different types of people, all shapes sizes of personalities.
The enviornment lets you do so with the colab of servers only 4 that is, with a choice of 4-6 sub servers.
With 6 charecters of to choose from and having up to 4 charecters on each server.

I invite you to join me.
Last Chaos

For some seek the life of pvp, for others peace amongst.  There is the war before guilds and the battle apon mobs.  You will walk your own path for the side you choose of good and evil.  You will run with the others in your light,  or run alone.  The skills are your journey, and you learn through and out that they are important.

Come see a future that youve  neverseen before. 


For more or any question and information please ask!
Id be more than happy to have new gamers to meet & play with :)

Here is LastChaos[US] click to join.

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lean said:8 months for last chaos, awesome, you must have played it since CB?

Quiting my GM status

By: toubanoEXC posted at Nov 19, 2007 12:21 pm

After 2 months, real life obligations force me to quit my Guild Master staus I held in Last Chaos Excalibur Guild.
By the end of this week i hope we will have find a worthy candidate to take over the Guild.
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lean said:Reminds me of my first guild. I'm also a Guild Master be4. Yes it's hard to make a decision that leave a guild u devoted. Anyway you're still good friends and might play other games together in future

Last Chaos Impressions/Review

By: toubanoEXC posted at Nov 17, 2007 12:50 am
First Impressions: Typical Korean game Korean-based massively multiplayer online games are incredibly similar when it comes to the creation of your in-game avatar, and Last Chaos is no dContinue Reading
Happycappy said:I didnt like it. It was like a knight online with better graphics and no turks :)

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