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Space Cowboy servers will be shutting down on 12/26/2007

By: odimok posted at Dec 25, 2007 11:46 pm

Dear SCO Community,

For some time now, a large majority of you have been crying out for answers. The lack of content updates, the continual updates made to Ace Online overseas, and my diminished presence in the SCO community. I am writing this letter to give you all the answers you seek and deserve, however these may not be the answers you wanted to hear.

As some of you may know, Ace Online is now owned by another publisher. Gala-Net was given a cease and desist letter from this publisher, requesting that we shut down Space Cowboy as they now possess the rights to the game within the US region. We here at Gala-Net immediately resisted this claim and began to take action. Several plans and proposals were formed by us here at Gala-Net, and I was sent to Korea in an attempt to negotiate some sort of compromise.

Gala-Net has fought for one of two goals. Either the continuation of our service in the US complete with updates, or the voluntary transfer of your characters to a new publisher.s service. We recognize that many of you have spent a significant amount of your time in our game worlds. It is this very reason for which we fought with great resolve. Unfortunately no compromise was a

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The tragedy of Space Cowboy Online!

By: Sayetsu posted at Dec 11, 2007 8:37 pm
Many, well maybe some of you might have been with me right there with the joy of playing Gpotato's Space Cowboy Online, or SCO if you will, but recently there has been a few troubles. Ace Online being signed to another cContinue Reading
lean said:Sorry to hear that

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