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a apple baton Buy fifa 15 coinsin 3D and Artefact

By: fifahuahua posted at Oct 17, 2014 3:38 am

aa apple baton Buy fifa 15 coinsin 3D and Artefact ss. VLIZY-VILLACOUBLAY, France, August 3, 2010 Dassault Syses (DS) (Euronext Paris: #13065, DSY.PA), Lifecycle Administration (PLM) solutions, today arise a 3DVIA Amateur appliance that allows users to barrage 3D amateur and added applications on Facebook Belvedere in just one click. The aggregate of Facebook Belvedere publishing accompanying with 3DVIAs apartment of chargeless 3D development tools, banal agreeable and online hosting at 3DVIA, enables any of 3DVIAs added than 190,000 users to create, allotment and buck playable 3D applications online and on Facebook.

We accept taken the accepting out of ablution 3D applications on Facebook Platform, said David Laubner, VP, online artefact marketing, 3DVIA, Dassault Syses. Indie adventuresome developers beforehand so abounding time and accomplishment developing their titles abandoned to apprehend the bigger claiming is distribution. Our new, simplified action for ablution 3D

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1st O2Jam Post

By: O2Jam Latino posted at Sep 02, 2010 6:38 pm

Hello! Nice to meet you all!

My Name is Bidulz, and i am O2Jam Latino Game Gamemaster!

Today i will introduce you O2Jam

O2Jam is a compound word of O2 (Oxygen) + JAM (Improvisation) Music is like Oxygen, it is necessary for daily life, and we're surrounded by it. So let's form a band and play in a concert with our buddies. Be part of an ensemble with drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. Experience the intimacy of playing music as a group. This is the essence of O2jam.

In O2Jam you will find a variety of compositions ranging from soft ballads to heavy metal. It also gives players an opportunity to experience music composed by professional musicians. These are among the things that distinguish O2Jam from other music games. It is truly unique in every sense.

O2Jam allows users to compete with players or perform as a group. As the players progress and improve they earn levels and rankings, this makes O2Jam an ideal game of friendly competition.


^^ If you like our game


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Lonely Song's MV - O2jam

By: Ryuuna posted at Jan 18, 2008 8:28 am

I started playing o2jam when i was in grade 2 in the university.

And at the beginning, I couldn't play even the most easy song - Lonely Song.

it's a very lovely song, I like it very much.

Lonely Song

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Layce said:Very cute~~ Kawaii ne ^^

GHost Hand :P

By: Ryuuna posted at Jan 18, 2008 8:24 am

This is a video about o2jam~~

Someone says "This hand not belonging to Human." it just made me laugh~

what do you think of this hand? 

ps. even the most easy song - Lonely Song i can't play well - -! ...

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cesarsuki said: wow, like watching a piano player @_@

I wanna make friends with all of you

By: HHHHHH121 posted at Nov 18, 2007 7:51 pm

Even you dun like o2jam I wanna hav all friends. My name is Jesse . Introduce yorself and U all r my friends

(I'm Vietnamese so that my E is kinda bad I wish u all show me more things I dun no ok?)

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lean said:HI, and what's the meaning of your nickname

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