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Cloud Pirates - Jack Sparrow Meets Spock

By: Gabriel Knight posted at Apr 24, 2017 9:37 pm

Recently, a newly released game caught my attention. It's called Cloud Pirates, and went out of beta last week. Since it's free to play I gave it a shot, as usual, completely oblivious about what would I find there. To my surprise, I… sorry, this isn't easy for me… I actually enjoyed playing it!

So come with me in this journey of grog, flying ships, and space scurvy...



After checking the main menu and playing the tutorial, I discovered, to my enjoyment, that Cloud Pirates is an action MOBA, and extremely similar to one I've played before called Panzar: Forged in Chaos. And when I say similar it is because they're pretty much the same exact game, but with different aesthetics, that's all. I'll get to that later…

The game consist of quick matches in which yo

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Sol2009 said:My 2 cent, I got a few hours into this game and it feels like Star Conflict with pirate airships instead, well more or less the same MOBA games type. Probably more like a cross between Star Conflict ...

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