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Hide or Die First Alpha Phase & Giveaway

By: Sage Parker posted at Mar 12, 2018 9:35 pm

Between March 13 and March 20, Hide or Die will be hosting their 1st Stage of Alpha Testing.  To participate, an Alpha key is required. More information down below.

Combining the tension of slasher films and the short-burst fun of multiplayer games, Hide Or Die offers a familiar experience that's fun for every player. Play as a Hunter and rummage through houses for your soon-to-be victims, or as a Survivor and cooperate with online players to survive the night.

In Hide or Die, you'll either be playing as a Survivor or Hunter, while party up with friends or random players online. Doing your best to cooperate in order to survive the night, or the Hunter, a psychotic killer, and go from hiding spot to hiding spot, looking for the Survivors, who will soon become their 

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Guest said:This game seems freeking awesome!!!

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