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New Game : One Piece Mobile 2017 : Pirate's Battle

By: Gtaster posted at Apr 07, 2017 9:23 pm

One Piece Mobile 2017 : Pirate's Battle (Original name in Chinese 航海王激战)

The world of One Piece awaits you! One Pice Mobile 2017 !

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Hi guys,One Piece Mobile 2017 is a 2D side scroll action RPG game with nice graphic and BGM.

Pirate's Battle has many game mode for player.
Story mode : With the original One Piece Story, you will collect your favorite characters along with story mode like Zoro, Sanji ..
PVP Mode : The Arena where Pirate's Battle begin. In this mode, you will choose up to 3 character to bring in Arena. You will need both tactics and action elements to win the fight.
EXP mode : Every Day you can go in 2 times to clear dungeon and get lots of EXP.
Train Mode : Jump on the Train, kick ass the bad pirates to get enchant stone that is required for leveling up your equipments.
And more !!!
One Piece Mobile 2017 still in Beta, there will be more character to update and more

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