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Iphone6 Iphone6 più nemesi ---- sei antenna del telefono cellulare portatile disturbatori di segnale

By: chuckchen posted at Oct 28, 2014 12:19 am

Con il tempo del Pacifico alle ore 10:00 del 9 settembre 2014 (ora di Pechino alle 1:00 il 10 settembre) ufficialmente rilasciato, tra cui 4,7 pollici Iphone6 e 5,5 pollici  iPhone6 plus Anche se molte persone stanno usando disturbatori di segnale di telefonia mobile, ma lo scopo e obiettivi sono diversi. Alcune persone infastidire schermati vogliono solo un telefono cellulare per ottenere le condizioni per la pace, se non attraverso l'uso di disturbatori di telefonia mobile, si crede di essere monitorati tramite un telefono cellulare jammers, dispositivi&nb

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Iphone6 Iphone6​sowie Nemesis ---- sechs Antennen portable Handy-Signal-Störsender

By: chuckchen posted at Oct 26, 2014 8:05 pm

Mit der Pacific Time um 10:00 am 9. September 2014 (Peking-Zeit um 1:00 am 10. September) offiziell freigegeben, einschließlich 4,7 Zoll Iphone6und 5,5 Zoll  iPhone6 Plus-Obwohl viele Menschen sind mit Handy-Signal-Störsender, aber den Zweck und die Ziele sind unterschiedlich. Einige abgeschirmt ärgern Leute wollen einfach nur ein Mobiltelefon, um die Bedingungen für den Frieden durch den Einsatz von Handy-Störsendern zu bekommen, wenn nicht, wird angenommen, um mit einem Handy-Störsender, Handy-Signal-Tracking-Geräte, um Lärm zu helfen, um das Telefon zu verhindern, verfolgt werden 

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Iphone6 Iphone6 ainsi nemesis ---- six antennes de téléphone cellulaire portable brouilleurs

By: chuckchen posted at Oct 24, 2014 1:39 am

Avec le temps Pacifique à 10h00 le 9 Septembre 2014 (heure de Beijing à 01h00 le 10 Septembre) a officiellement publié, y compris 4,7 pouces Iphone6 et 5,5 pouces  Iphone6 Plus Bien que beaucoup de gens utilisent la téléphonie mobile brouilleurs de signal, mais le but et objectifs sont différents. Certaines personnes importuner blindés veulent juste un téléphone mobile pour obtenir les conditions de la paix, si ce n'est par l'utilisation de brouilleurs de téléphones mobiles, il est censé être suivis à l'aide d'un brouilleurs de téléphone cellulaire,&

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Prixo Work Online

By: Jin12345_ posted at Jul 02, 2013 10:48 pm
Prixo Work Online (100CAP EU/CH)
Exp Oranı: 100
SP Oranı: 100
Drop Oranı: 30
İtem Satışı: Yok
Free Silk: var

Server Hakkında:

Oyunumuz'da MOB'larda sun drop azdır , yeni eklenen uniquelerimiz'den (Tai-Sui/WhiteKnight/SeniorGeneral/RageCloud) 10Dİmmorta/Global/Coin Düşmektedir. Bu coinlerimiz biriktirerek Sun Wepon Elde edebileceksiniz.
Sunları (Eu'lar Constantinople Weaponcudan-Ch'ler ise Jangan Weaponcudan alabilirler)

PrixoWork İtem Mall'dan Çıkarılanlar :
Premium , global , %100 - %60 Scroll - Devil ve ABS - İNS Scrollar

Prixo Work Online Fortress War Bilgileri:

Kayıt : Cuma 06:00 - Cumartesi 18:00

Savaş : Cumartesi 19:30 - 21:00 (Jangan-Bandit-Hotan Fortress Açıktır)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrixoWorkOnline?fref=ts
Full Client: http://files.fm/u/lwvnbap
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Dark-Silkroad Privat Server

By: TeamDarkness posted at Feb 25, 2013 4:45 am
Hey everyone ! I want to inform you about a really nice Silkroad Private Server ! It's called


First I want to give you some facts :

ServerFiles vSro Files
LevelCap 125
Races Chinese / European
Areas All Areas
Pets Working
Fortress Working
FGW Working


Experience 80x [RealRate = 80x iSro !]
Skill Points 80x [RealRate = 80x iSro !]
Drop Rate 50x
Gold Rate 25x
Alchemy Improved for more fun !

Now some SpecialInformation

This is our special NPC: 

Event Jerry (Only in Event)
Christmas Event So-Ok (Only in Event)


At this NPC you can buy unique Items


I'll give you the Item Name inclusive Description from the left top to the right end.
1)FGW Lv 101~120 1*
2)FGW Lv 101~120 2*
3)FGW Lv 101~120 3*
4)FGW Lv 101~120 4*
5)Red Bird (Ride Pet)
6)Sabakun's jewel (For pimping your Devil Spirit)
7)Luck Stone 12th Degree
8)Steady Stone 12th Degree
9)Lucky Powder 12th Degree (Also in Alexandria !)
10)IContinue Reading
Guest said:Brand new MMORPG, Silkroad OBT starthttps://los.jcplanet.com/

More System Improvements for Ignite Silkroad

By: ExcEsc posted at Nov 27, 2012 8:36 pm
Leading online game developer and publisher, Joymax, announced today that their latest update for its world-renown MMORPG, Silkroad Online, is designed for players of all skill levels.  The free-to-play MMORPG has enjoyed by an astounding 15 million players across the globe and with the latest “Ignite Silkroad Part 1: Elevation” revamp, everyone can take part in the new and improved gameplay experience.  Check out all the latest features at http://www.joymax.com/silkroad/.

One of player’s most preferred new improvements is the experience balance.  Players will be able to level up at a much faster pace than ever before, allowing them to experience all the rich content without the bore of grinding.  Another fan favorite is the newly added “Rested Experience” system where players earn 50-100% EXP gain buff depending on how long it’s been since the player logged in.  Players who aren’t able to play as often as they would like will have the special buff welcoming theContinue Reading
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Ignite Silkroad has started

By: ExcEsc posted at Nov 20, 2012 10:49 pm
Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher today launches a spectacular new expansion for their world renowned MMORPG, Silkroad Online!  With an astounding 15 million players throughout the world, Silkroad reaches out to a wide community of players who come together for the love of a single game.  Today marks the official start of the “Ignite Silkroad” promotion! Log in today to experience the newest content changes and find amazing bonuses for both veteran and new players.  Silkroad Online is also bustling with events as part of “Joymax Day,” where every Joymax title – including Silkroad Online – will experience a massive 1000% bonus EXP event! Not part of the Silkroad community yet?  Join now at http://www.joymax.com/silkroad/
"Today’s update is only the begiContinue Reading
Guest said:No matter how nice their gimmicks are, no matter what gifts they reward you, no matter what they do, they won\'t get me back. SRO is dead and will stay dead unless they make a complete overhaul with a...

Silkroad Online Magic POP Card Redesign

By: ExcEsc posted at Oct 23, 2012 9:10 pm

Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher widely known for Digimon Masters and Knight Age, is putting a new POP in player’s step in their anchor MMORPG, Silkroad Online!  October is a month filled with exciting updates, including the fan-made Fellows, spooky trick-or-treating tasks, and now a special treat for the avid POP lottery users!  Not part of the Silkroad community yet?  Join now at http://www.joymax.com/silkroad/

Magic POP Card users already know they’re out of luck when their card turns out to be a losing ticket; giving players less desired consolation prizes instead.  But today’s update brings new life to these alternative prizes as a whole list of newly added items become available!  Some of these are flower-shaped items which cast one of five major party buffs: Increased aggro, HP/MP heal, increased hit points, decreased enemy damage, and decreased enemy attack speed.

Also new to the POP draw system is new scrolls which can temporarily chan

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Silkroad Online - A silky road one can slip off

By: KradisZ posted at Aug 13, 2012 4:26 am

Back in the old days of the MMORPG genre there were only a few titles that were free to play; Maple Story, Ragnarok Online(eventually p2p but the open beta got everyone to play), Runescape to name a few.

Silkroad Online was no different in its business model; free to play.

Of course many tried it because it was free and throughout high school I even remember MMORPGs spreading in the halls between all the nerds and geeks like a plague even some of the cool kids played these, myself included(Not in the coolkids or geeks or nerds, I fit in as quiet kid probably). Being a high schooler cash is hard to come by when you're not even of age to get a job yet or maybe I just sucked and was lazy who knows but definitely not old enough to own a credit card to go play the pay-to-play games. (Way to go self-esteem killer...).

In the early years it was Ragnarok Open Beta, then eventually I heard Silkroad spreading through the halls. People joked about RO, then the abbreviation of SR

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J u D a R e S t said:No matter how long you post, this game was ruined already by bots, a year after its global opening.

SRO update

By: ema21del9 posted at Aug 07, 2011 6:22 am

SRO released Legend VIII: Mysterious Temple of Jupiter is the eighth update for the free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game Silkroad Online.


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