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There have been a few changes made to the map in CS:GO

By: buycsgoskin posted at Mar 11, 2016 10:27 pm

There have been a few changes made to buy csgo skin the map in terms of game-play, some major and others not so much. First, the box truck at Terrorist spawn was removed, and replaced with a truck holding an actual box. There is also now a ladder that leads directly up to the roof in front of T spawn so it is easier to climb up on. The vent on the roof leading to Forklift was replaced by a doorway, so it is easier to drop down into. You can also get on top of Silo without the need for a boost, with the addition of a small platform you can jump to the pipes with. Catwalk has been extended to wrap around the building right up to Silo, which makes it easier for the Terrorists to go straight through to Heaven. Squeaky was made smaller though, making it much harder to move around if you are getting shot at, and harder to avoid hitting your teammates.

Outside, Heaven, Hell, Ramp, Control, Trophy Room, Forklift, Hut, and Squeaky have remained more or less the same. Bombsite A has seen a few

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