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Wild Terra: First Impressions

By: Scion Storm posted at Dec 01, 2016 12:14 pm

Wild Terra is interesting and unforgiving as you guys will soon see. It's a bit super retro for me, not that its a bad thing. Just not a lot of people will take to this. It was tough getting anything done beyond trade skills

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Wild Terra: Update 8.4 Deployed

By: DanielCsaki posted at May 21, 2016 9:30 pm

The 8.4 (0.8.4) Update has been recently added to Wild Terra bringing plenty of new content to enjoy.
Through this update, we were given new territories to explore, item durability and an in-game store. The new zones are available for research and settlement and our tools and weapons now have a durability that decreases upon usage. When an item's durability reaches zero, it breaks and repairing is not possible.

A new information section has been added to the inventory and craft window that will provide you with durability details, damage, speed and extra damage. The Game Shop has been integrated into Wild Terra which means it can be accessed from within the game. 
The developers have also added the option to go back to the server list and an animation has been added to the serverContinue Reading
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