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Paladins - New Champion: Lex, The Hand of Justice

By: Tony259 posted at Mar 17, 2017 7:38 pm

Paladins OB46 is introducing yet another hero into the realm. Lex the "lawman" will be the next flanker added to the roster and has his own unique playing style, one of the key things being his ability to track a single character down no matter what wall they're hiding behind, along with having a great kill confirming skill and earning extra credits for hunting down his bounty.

LMB: Dual Magnums

Dual magnums that fire every 0.7s dealing 700 damage. They can fire to a low-medium range before the damage drop off starts, this will help him to attack targets without having to play too risky in certain cituations due to his health and lack of real escapes.

RMB: In Pursuit

Activating the skill will enter into a 3rd person perspective and deal 1050 damage over 1.5 seconds, it will auto lock o

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Guest said:Lex or Lux?

Paladins - Inara: The First Female Tank Arrives

By: Tony259 posted at Mar 03, 2017 7:52 pm

OB45 is coming up shortly on Paladins and Hi-Rez has just introduced the newest and first female tank to the roster in which many people have been asking for.

Inara has a very fresh tanking style that completely seperates her from the rest of the current tanks; instead of using shields of any sort, she goes for pure damage reduction on activation and the ability to wall herself and her allies off from damage, or even use it to separate enemies that have entered out of a choke or walked through a door.

(LMB): Fires a 3 shot projectile burst each dealing 225 damage. The projectiles aren't too fast when travelling forward so they will require you to lead yours shots, they're also long range allowing her to attack enemies at distances.

(Q): Creates a wall that lasts for 6 seconds, it

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Guest said:if overwatch release sombra they release a similar character invi black with pink hair, now blizzard release a African robot, and now paladins release a woman with african dress

Paladins - Massive content patch in OB44

By: Tony259 posted at Feb 17, 2017 3:39 pm

Paladins has a big content patch with their upcoming OB44. Paladins is a F2P game with an optional purchase to unlock all current and future characters similar to smite, I'm honestly quite impressed with how often they're updating and continuously adding things into the game.

The main changes with this patch will be the introduction of legendary cards; due to the legendary cards coming in though, all bonus damage effects on every character will be removed, an example being Bomb king will no longer deal 200% bonus damage with grumpy bomb to shields. There will be some other character balance changes within OB44, I managed to catch a few of them during their live stream that happened today.

There will be 2 new maps coming in OB44, the first one is Snowfall Junction.

The second map is P

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Paladins - New Champion: Torvald and PvE mode incoming

By: Tony259 posted at Jan 20, 2017 2:50 pm

Paladins will be releasing 15 new champions this year along with a bunch of other stuff, including a New talent system that can give general stat buffs such as health, defense, damage etc, or even to buff your skills to perhaps give Androxus an extra netherstep charge for example.

With the Paladins OB42 patch preview that has just recently finished streaming on 20th January, we have been shown the next new champion coming out along with the new PvE mode coming as well. The new champion will be the next tank to come into the game that plays very unique from the rest of them, he doesn't have any large shields like the other 3 tanks can deploy, but instead has a self rechargeable shield somewhat similar to what Ruckus has in regards to the shield only effecting him, though Torvald's shiel

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Paladins - Solidifying into the Hero shooter realm

By: Tony259 posted at Jan 17, 2017 3:14 pm

Paladins, a game that's passively competing with Overwatch in the Hero shooter genre, does it have enough differences to really make it stand out and be worth playing over its competition? without turning that into a debate of its own once again, I'll say that it's easily worth a play, especially if you go in with an open mind and try not to compare characters with those in Overwatch if that's what you're currently playing as well.

On Paladins you can't switch characters during a match which is something that I'm sure most people familiar with the game are aware of. In some regards this actually works quite well, from my experience so far all the characters feel very viable to play, I've not found a character where I start thinking "that character sucks, I'm not pla

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Guest said:I used to play Paladins in CBT. Didn\'t like it.Then I bought Overwatch when it released. Liked it, but I hardly play it.Then read about Paladins OBT being successful, I play it every day.

Paladins CBT - FPS MOBA - First Impressions

By: KradisZ posted at Sep 23, 2016 2:29 am

Paladins is a new MOBA-FPS (or third person?) to the genre of MOBAs.
It's created by Hi-Rez Studios the same company that brought Tribes Ascend and the more well known MOBA game Smite.

So... technically this is their second MOBA. Paladins appears to be aiming for a more "everyone audience" based on its aesthetic and gameplay appeal.

The first thing I've noticed in a lot of public comments and opinions is a lot of comparisons to Overwatch. I haven't played Overwatch so I won't know how to compare the two and won't. With the only exception is that I'll agree the aesthetic may appear similar which is the only thing I can comment upon but I have no idea if it plays anything like.

So here's my initial impressions of Paladins, mind you it's very brief because I've only played 2 matches as Kinessa & Viktor. This is also based on its Beta, after release it could be a lot different.

I like the fact that the game is very quick-paced, action is high and

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okomusch said:i hope u know that u are automatically matched against bots until u reached level 5? u should play some more matches...

Paladins - Is it ripping off Overwatch?

By: Tony259 posted at Sep 19, 2016 4:48 am

There has been a ton of discussion (and I use the term lightly) about how Paladins is potentially ripping off Overwatch and how so many of the characters are too similar, but the question is: are people over-exaggerating or do some people have a strong point?

I'm just going to knock the ball right out of the water and start off with saying that Paladins has in no way ripped off Overwatch, both games were in development around the same time including their announcements being made, Fernando in paladins was one of the original characters in the game, he wields a flamethrower for close range encounters and has a shield that expands outwards to protect teammates, the way that his shield functions and Reinhardt from Overwatch work very differently.

The paladins steam section for the first 2

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IcarusofWings said:Paladins DID copy Overwatch in the fact that Overwatch was announced nearly 8 months before paladins, multiple Paladins Characters have the EXACT same abilities and in some ways very similar character...

Paladins finally entered Open Beta! What's changed?

By: Tony259 posted at Sep 16, 2016 2:18 pm

Paladins has finally entered its open beta stage, their last closed beta stages finished on CB33 with a list of changes and improvements, one of the characters named Ying has been temporarily removed while they fix some issues with her and will be added back into the game at hopefully some point soon.

The game has had a large amount of changes since I last played it, modes have been created and removed, skills and characters have been gone through complete changes to their design, even the time to kill has been changed and made into a more faster paced game and match what you would expect out of a shooter, as opposed to more longer and drawn out battles between even 2 players which it how it used to be at one point.

I think the game is in a much better place now after all the work

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Guest said:I tried it today and the game is pretty decent, the founders pack seems worth and is not expensive.

Got your Paladins beta keys yet?

By: Tony259 posted at Apr 26, 2016 9:53 am

Paladins have opened up some more opportunitys to get some beta keys for you and any friends that may want to play the game, anyone that enjoys class based shooters kind of like Team Fortress should generally like this game for what is offers. Each class plays very differently so much like with any moba game you will see how each character has their own play style that you would need to figure out for optimal play.

If you havn't followed paladins on twitter or anything else yet to generally see what's going off then now is basically a good time to do it as that's how you will get your key as shown here: http://www.paladins.com/community/

I have been on and off of the game my self for a long while, the game is constantly changing which you will want to be aware of, so there's bee

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