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Rodinia War - Mixing Strategy & MMO?

By: Tony259 posted at Sep 12, 2015 1:56 pm

Rodinia War is an interesting game to say the least, it's attempted to mix the 2 ideas of a strategy type game and an MMO into one.  You can switch onto your castle, resource area, or the world map where you can see rebel bases and resource deposits owned by the AI or eventually go to attack player castles for resources and attempt to take over them if you will.

Then there's the MMO side of it where  you will see players as per usual and do the usual questing, levelling up, getting gear and generally improving your Knight, the major difference to other MMOs is that your initial Knight I think is chosen at random, then once every 24 hours (unless you decide to spend some money to reset the knight refresh timer instantly) you can get another knight to use if you have a spot for

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Guest said:I\'m pretty sure you mean RPG and strategy and not MMO and strategy. Unless MMO has another meaning other than Massive Multiplayer Online. It would be like saying it\'s a co-op and strategy game.

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