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About the crystal and Star Wars credits

By: maxmai posted at Apr 27, 2018 7:23 pm

No matter where you stand on the Han Shot First debate, what matters is that Solo got the job done. And if you've got the Star Wars credits, the iconic smuggler's modified DL-44 blaster can finally be yours.

Crystal microtransactions are returning to “Star Wars Battlefront II” on April 18, publisher Electronic Arts announced on Friday. Bought with real-life money, they’re one of the ways fans can unlock cosmetic appearances in-game.

EA removed crystals last year following controversy over “Battlefront II’s” microtransaction and loot box systems. Players can buy loot boxes with either crystals or credits, which are earned through in-game activities. They can also use credits to unlock iconic “Star Wars” characters like Luke Skywalker, but prior to the game’s launch, the characters were prohibitively expensive. One Reddit user estimated it would take two full days of grinding to get one. Since credits are also found in loot boxes, many fans believed EA made the characters expensive to pu

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