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Hounds Online Open Beta 1st and 2nd Mission Straight Gameplay

By: Scion Storm posted at Apr 21, 2015 7:29 am

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I'll keep saying this until everyone tries this game. It's AWESOME a lot of fun. Especially if you play with friends who watch each others back. Rambo mentality in this game gets you killed. Good team play can take down a hard mission. Even if your pretty under geared and under leveled for it.

You have an skill system that unlocks more and more by levels gained. Every level you gain Ap, this makes your AP pool go higher. That allows you to pick from various skills. The weapon types all have skills. Support and attack skills exist as well.

The game functions more MMO shooter etc like Firefall and Defiance. Than a actual shooter say like Halo. That leads to issues especially in pvp. Where skills and passives have no business there. This is the main reason the pvp is so off balanced. So I just steer clear of that mode.
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Guest said:PVP is not balanced, but to say skills and passives don\'t serve a purpose there instantly lets me know you don\'t PVP and thus have no authority to speak on it.Game\'s content is very limited right n...

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