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Eternal City 3 KR a look at the game

By: Scion Storm posted at Sep 04, 2015 7:53 am

I was meaning to jump into this game a month ago. This time around I got a chance in the current beta. This is a ARPG with guns and zombies. It reminds me more of Smash TV however then anything else. It's very arcade in the way it plays out. Some people will like this about the game. Others will not take it serious and play for a bit. Then uninstall it and never come back again. The game has little to no starter customization. You have 12 characters to pick from and thats it. You won't be changing them until in game. When you find or buy gear that changes their appearances.


Run and Gun arcade like ARPG

A lot of loot a very giving game

Many characters to pick from at start

Boss fights are fun


Zero character customization at start

Bad monster Ai

Game seems a little too du

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Guest said:looks like the same as metal reaper... except characters

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