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Nebula Online First Look

By: Spammie posted at Jan 14, 2016 6:09 pm

Play Nebula Online here : http://playnebula.com

Hello everybody, today I bring you another first look for a free 2 play game, that is in early access on steam, Nebula Online. The game is cross platform and is available on android, ios, facebook, browsers, steam. The steam client will have better graphics and options all around compared to browser versions based on what developers (Mizar Games) told a community member in a discussion. Game it self is not bad at all, It has 3 Races with 4 classes each and those are engineer, sniper, tank, trooper. Ships have unique look for each race, humans tend to have bulky ships while borguzands have a insect look, and the coolest ones are kriptizids because of their sleek design. Progression for this game is pretty cool, compared to other space MMO's in this game you progress with one ship upgrading it, ships have modules and 1 weapon, to obtain modules one has to do one of 2 things, buy it from auction house or craft it with materials gathered and

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Guest said:its buy to play, check store page

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