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Crowfall: New Character Creation Sequence

By: Scion Storm posted at Jan 31, 2017 3:32 pm

Crowfall is undergoing a lot of changes. This past week we got a new look at character creation. Our embodiment is now a crow that you can use to pick vessels. Vessels can also be crafted to be stronger through trade skills. 

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Crowfall Hunter Class and Siege Mode Gameplay

By: Scion Storm posted at Apr 12, 2016 7:46 am

The hunter class is fun, but a lil too stationary for me. The siege mode is crazy fun, you guys will love it. Lets first talk about the hunter, and the skills.


This class has two modes melee and range. You can switch between them by pressing T. Of course even in melee in my opinion it should be the last resort. It's not as destructive as your range powers. The strange thing for me is the range powers. I feel a little too stationary for a mobile game.

Siege Mode

In all siege mode is what you would expect. Storm the castle tear stuff up and win. The flip side of that is you need to defend that from happening. By protecting a special tree at the top. In all the mode actually is a lot of fun.
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Guest said:OMG ! The red hair chick just told you to equip your arrows for your bow... you had 4000 of them in inventory. But you didn\'t hear and went in fighting with your sword/dagger in melee style... or am ...

Crowfall: First Look PVP Hunger Dome

By: Scion Storm posted at Sep 28, 2015 7:20 pm

Crowfall so far is very fun to play and polished. For a game so early in development. The Hunger Dome is a pvp mode in the game. The purpose behind this game mode is to travel with your team to the castle in the zone. The outer region of the map is a enclosing Ice fog that will kill you. So it's survival on a time limit, this is what makes it hilarious. You can find gear from chest and from outer players to power yourself up. The key to all of this is work with your team ,and don't be a foolish rambo. In all the mode is fun and worth trying if you get into the beta


Character Customization

Being how fail I was at ready the time. And then I had to fix a graphic card issue. I had almost no time to record. But I'll be in i

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ivsa said:So do you think this game could have a good future,considering its kickstarted?

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