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Sphere 3: Character Customization Gameplay

By: Scion Storm posted at Dec 05, 2015 6:33 am

This is a very simple game. PVP based with PVE slashed on the side. This game is average atm and appears it needs more time. And a few more features to fill the gaps. The power in this game lies in it's pvp not it's pve. Think of this as a reverse World of Warcraft. More a long the lines of Guild Wars 1. 

Massive Siege PVP

I would of liked to show more of the siege PVP. However every time I was on it was barely going. Or my timing was just off and couldn't get in there at the right time sadly. This game more reminds me of a browser game like City of Steam actually. It has potential just needs a little more time in the beta sun. As is I don't think it's ready for prime time.

CG Trailer

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Allwynd said:Couldn\'t play this game for more than an hour. A necromancer with the minion, debuffs and syphoning is unkillable. I quickly got bored when nothing could kill me.

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