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Pirates Learn to Fish

By: Sir Loin of Beef posted at Apr 13, 2011 9:52 pm


A upcoming patch for Pirates of the Burning Sea is set to introduce a new profession to the game. For those who have been stuck finding themselves with nothing to do, Angling will be a means of keeping you occupied until your next high seas adventure.

Coming in patch 2.6, every in game port will be accessible for players to fish at, and each region will have varying breeds of fish to catch, including some extremely rare, area-specific trophy catches that you can brag about to your friends. Numerous NPCs will also be added, who will be selling the gear you'll need to get you started, and will also exchange your catches for various goodies.

If you want to amplify your fishing experience, make sure you have a large mug of ale on hand. Wenches are optional, though the occasional singing o

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Pirates of the Burning Sea is now Free to Play

By: Mavlock posted at Feb 07, 2011 6:08 am


Pirates of the Burning Sea has gone free to play. As seems the trend lately for low grossing MMOs, PotBS is offering a free subscription option. The options available seem more reasonable to others who have gone to the free to play model and even offers upgrade to players who have subscribed in the past. For just one month subscription you account is upgraded to the next level permanently. This Premium level offers most of what players have come to expect for PotBS except for what they are calling “Premium Missions”, which will still have to be purchased. The next level up from this is “Captain’s Club”, offering bonus’ such as double treasure for conquests and experience bonuses.

While in a normal subscription model I’d object to paying for e

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MMOsite+Blog+Editor said: Dear Mavlock, your brilliant entry, Pirates of the Burning Sea is now Free to Play, has been chosen by MMOsite headline news. Expecting more articles from you!

Pirates of the Burning Sea confirms expansion release date, extra features

By: Hardbase posted at Jul 26, 2010 9:08 am

Get ready to return to the high seas, as Flying Lab Software and Sony Online Entertainment have announced the official release date for Pirates of the Burning Sea's first expansion. Power and Prestige will sail on August 24th due to Flying Lab's desire to polish and perfect.

The expansion, which already features quite a list of game improvements, will also debut with a new career rewards exchange shop, a junk buyer exchange shop, and client-side preferences for auto-facing targets in avatar combat. When we add these to the previously announced port governance, skill revisions, career revamps, ship tweaks, avatar skill revamps, and hefty doses of new mission content, the result looks to be a premium expansion that will keep captains busy for quite some time.

You can view all the details via the official press release and expansion feature list.

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Pirates Of The Burning Sea

By: morgwin posted at Aug 15, 2008 11:32 am
Aye me mateys, So whats this review about today? well one of the best MMORPG(massively multiplayer online game).

Gives you a good sence of piracy(No not burning a dvd from the internet and selling it on ebay). You can do your normal land battle and sea battles BUT you can have AI crewman that help you take forts basicly you can have 5 waves of reinforcements, after that your on your own. Of course boarding has the same idea, Both objectives are.Defeat the other AI captain. Heres some web info.

Yes there is Player VS Player

Stunning Graphics Right?.Right.

Yes Of Course There Are Sea Battles.

Web Info.

The year is 1720 and the New World is on fire.

England, France, and Spain have unleashed their forces on the Caribbean. Naval officers captain massive warships through bloody engagements at sea. Freetraders charge through blockades and smuggle the war material needed to conquer the enemy's ports. Privateers raid enemy shipping, looting ships of their treasure and rival nations of their glory.

Through it all sail the Pirates. Bloody, bold, and resolute, they serve no flag and heed no king. They live free, fight hard, and obey only fate.

In Pirates of the Burning Sea you choose your destiny.


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neramaar said:Thanks to Telstra (Australian Phone Company) us Aussies scored a copy of POTBS each for FREE! It comes with 7 Days of play time, and then we are required to pay the monthly fee, but as it is one of th...

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Video Contest

By: odimok posted at Jun 09, 2008 6:19 pm

06.06.08 by Aether

We’re kicking off a new contest for those fans with a skill for creating videos! Over the next few months we will be holding a series of contests to see who can make the most educational video communicating how a specific in-game feature works.

First up: Boarding Combat!

While you are encouraged to share any hints, tips or tricks you’ve found to help you master the art of Boarding Combat, your video must describe all the steps it takes to make Boarding Combat work in Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Here are the rules:

1. This contest is open to our customers across the globe, so long as you have an active Pirates of the Burning Sea account.

2. The mission for this round is to use video to describe how Boarding Combat works, from start to finish.

3. The deadline for this round of video submissions is midnight, Monday, June 23rd Pacific Standard Time. Submissions must be posted as links to this thread by that time, or they will not be accepted.

4. All submissions need to be submitted as links in this thread to videos uploaded to www.YouTube.com. They must conform to the YouTube upload requirements, which you can findt this link. Aspiring directors with a Windows m

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Pirates of the Burning Sea : New Devlog: Ambush Gameplay

By: odimok posted at Jun 01, 2008 7:09 pm

Kevin "Isildur" Maginn, Lead Designer for Pirates of the Burning Sea, has written a nonexclusive devlog explaining the original concept of ambush gameplay, or in other words, a gang of pirates sneaking up on a merchant vessel on the high sea. In the devlog he describes how the original design concept failed in practice, degenerating into what can more accurately be described ganking, and their current efforts to reduce the occurrence of ganking.

Rusty asked me what we think about ganking. Ganking has a long and difficult history within our design and development process, so it’s a hard question to answer with a simple ‘we hate it’ or ‘we love it.’

The term I’ve preferred to use is ‘ambush gameplay’, which sounds nicer and has different implications for the user experience. In the earliest days of the Pirates design, one of the scenarios we envisioned and tried to support was the lone pirate or group of pirates catching an unwary merchant by surprise, defeating him, and looting him before reinforcements could arrive. That’s ambush gameplay—rewarding for the pirates, disheartening for the lone merchant. In some theor

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neramaar said:Great read, and considering I'm still a noob pirate in PotBS it's good news for me! French bastards wont leave me alone...

Pirates of the Burning Sea - April 29 server downtime announcement

By: right79 posted at Apr 28, 2008 1:38 am

Community envoy Aether has just made it known that something new is headed for the players of Pirates of the Burning Sea. On Tuesday, that's April 29, 2008, servers will be taken down in order to publish build

This is certainly great news to pirates. What's also good about it is that it's just going to take two hours for everything to take full effect. We're sure you guys wouldn't mind the wait.

Now, the devs are asking for your feedback. Don't hesitate to air out your comments with this latest build. After all, it's needed for the game to keep on getting better and better. That's about it for now. We'll keep you guys posted on more updates on the game as they come.

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Pirates of the Burning Sea pre-orders start November 13

By: right79 posted at Nov 08, 2007 9:11 am

After getting news of delays, gamers can finally start pre-ordering Flying Lab Software's high-seas action MMORPG Pirates of the Burning Sea on Tuesday, November 13. The game was supposed to become available for pre-orders last month.

Those who pre-order at retail will get an invitation to the Pre-Boarding Party which allows access to the game 15 days before launch, a blue and yellow parrot, a Mighty Blade, and a copy of the game's original soundtrack. Gamers who pre-order digitally will get an invite to the Pre-Boarding Party only.

Pre-order dates for Europe has yet to be set. Flying Lab's Pirates of the Burning Sea is currently scheduled for a January 2008 release.


That is a good news~
I wonder what is difference between Pirates of the Burning Sea and Voyage Century?
Pirates of the Burning Sea

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