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Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 New Mobile ARPG 2017 - All Classes Show

By: Gtaster posted at Mar 30, 2017 6:52 am

Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 is a ne ARPG for Android in 2017. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GAME !
This is my Mobile game playlist : https://goo.gl/UzNpl0
Some review about Dragon Slayer Mobile : Good gameplay, smooth animation except Avoid Skills, it look pretty fake. Nice graphic, not hurt my eyes too much. Good skill combos, nice pvp system, nice auto fight, auto quest, auto for everything. Good character voice when fighting. The only Healer in this game is the Sub Heroes that you can collect and level up with you.

Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 has very good storyline, and has smooth animation, with many skill combo action and modern back ground. Dragon Slayer Mobile is a world of Magic and Techniqe. We will travel in a epic worldwide, with many dungeon. 
Dragon Slayer 屠龙学院 is a modern Western Academy as the background of the MMORPG game, the mysterious college summon and train the dragon warriors, and the dragon class confrontation, fight for mankind! The game specially designed a hundred special skills, so tha

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Dragomon Hunter: Samurai Released

By: Scion Storm posted at Feb 11, 2016 6:18 pm

Like most classes that come into games. This one is completely over powered. But fun to use so if you're looking for something new to try go for it.
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