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Lord Of Vermilion Arena First Look

By: RabbitFootTV posted at Jun 08, 2015 11:41 pm

Lord Of Vermilion Arena is a 3rd person moba game from Square Enix.There is no ip block and the game is available to everyone although the game is in Japanese. The game features characters from other Square Enix titles like Final Fantasy and Persona. What makes the game different from other mobas is the unique card system. You start with a set of cards and you can summon powerful creatures to assist you in battle,each creature has unique abilities and you can have up to four of them at the same time following you in battle. Both decks and characters are customizable allowing you to get creature cards that match your play style. Except from the popular 5v5 mode Lord Of Vermilion Arena also has a 7v7 mode for massive scale battles.

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Fakuto said:Hi! can you teach me how can i register and download the game please???Im from Argentina, in south america.

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