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Tree of Savior 4 New Classes & 16 New Class Circles

By: Nocht posted at Oct 27, 2017 7:32 pm

Tree of Savior is expanding its classes once more and adding new classes for each base class as well.

For Swordsman: Dragoon Circle 3, Templar Circle 3, Murmillo Circle 2, Lancer Circle 2 and the new class, Matador.
For Wizard: Warlock Circle 3, Featherfoot Circle 3, Sage Circle 2, Enchanter Circle 2, and the new class, Shadowmancer.
For Cleric: Plague Doctor Circle 3, Kabbalist Circle 3, Inquisitor Circle 2, Taoist Circle 2, and the new class, Zealot.
For Archer: Cannoneer Circle 3, Musketeer Circle 3, Hackapell Circle 2, Mergen Circle 2, and the new class, Bullet Marker.

At this time, these classes are still upcoming and will be coming with several changes to the class progression system.

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Guest said:You Got IMCED

Tree of Savior - F2P Steam MMORPG - First Impressions and Gameplay

By: InMyOpinionGaming posted at Jun 13, 2017 4:06 pm

Tree of Savior is a Free To Play 2D MMORPG on Steam that has a very beautiful and colorful art-style. Combat is reminiscent of Ragnarok Online, and questing is standard fare for the most part. Check out the video below for further details and Gameplay at 1080p 60fps!

For those who are looking for an MMO that has that Classic feel to it while staying Modern in most aspects

Tree of Savior Features:

  1. Gorgeous Artwork
  2. A Smart Mix of 2D and 3D Graphics
  3. Easily Accessible Combat
  4. 4 Starting Classes with More Class Choices As You Level
  5. End-Game Dungeons and Farming Spots
  6. PvP and Dueling!
  7. Open Your Own Stall in Town To Sell Your Items To Other Players
  8. A Visually Modern MMO That Plays Like One of The Classics

For More Reviews on MMOs, RPGS and Action Games keep an eye out for more of my articles on here and my videos on YouTube. I can also be followed on Twitter (@IMOGaming)

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Guest said:\"Sell Your Own Items In Town\"A really new and interesting feature...

Tree Of Salvation Mobile Remake – First Gameplay Trailer

By: RabbitFootTV posted at Oct 29, 2016 1:55 pm

Nexon has published the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming rpg for mobile devices Tree Of Salvation Mobile Remake. As we can see from the trailer the game looks exactly the same with the PC version.

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How to Play Tree of Savior TW overseas

By: CindyKK posted at Jun 30, 2016 11:31 pm

Publisher X2Game had announced that Tree of Savior TW OBT will kicks off on 6th,July,every players can get access to OBT without Keycode. The Taiwan version of Tree of Savior haven't been Alpha tested.

Now,interested players who wanna play Tree of Savior TW could download client from the Taiwan version official site,and enter game until 6th,July.

Official Trailer:

Besides,if you wanna in advance experience this game you could by buying a packet.

OK,today I want to introduce how to play Tree of Savior TW overseas.

Same as usual let's change computer's system locale to Traditional Chinese first, in case the Taiwan server of Tree of Savior couldn't be set up normally.
PS:I not buy any packet,XD..and English is not my mother language,sorry in advance for any formatting oContinue Reading
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Tree of Savior Party Matching Changes

By: DanielCsaki posted at May 30, 2016 9:03 pm

The IMC staff recently posted the details of an update that has arrived in Tree of Savior. The hotfix that was implemented yesterday brought about some changes to the party matching section of the MMORPG.
Up until now, the automatic party matching was limited to your server and that could often result in unsatisfyingly long waiting times. IMC has just introduced a brand new automatic cross server party matching that allows you to play with players from other servers, as long as you are in the same region.

IMC luckily noticed the often long party matching queues and made these changes to rule them out. This does not necessarily indicate that the servers have low population, as the recently launched MMORPG has a huge player base in many regions.

"For example, a player from the Klaipeda

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Tree of Savior - First Impressions

By: DanielCsaki posted at May 14, 2016 12:45 am

As so many of the guys here at MMOSite have been sharing their thoughts about Tree of Savior, it is time to express mine.
Last week, my better half managed to convince me to give this isometric view MMORPG a try and to my greatest surprise, it was the right decision to make. Tree of Savior, to me, seems like an epic way to game casually. The huge variety of classes and eye-pleasing environments really managed to grab my attention.

I decided to begin my adventures in Tree of Savior as a Cleric which turned out to be quite entertaining. Since the level cap is huge, the rapid leveling up gives plenty of positive vibes. Obtaining one of those EXP scroll rewards is really a great source of excitement and games that are constantly rewarding tend to be far more popular.
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Guest said:there\'s one more problem that you have write there. the developer break their own word that \" Telsiai server will be exclusive for founder pack buyer \" .

Tree of Savior - Guide - All Collection Set Locations Levels 1-70

By: KradisZ posted at Apr 13, 2016 4:02 am

In Tree of Savior there are Treasure Chests hidden throughout each map. It's also worth exploring every map to 100% so that when you visit the town for Wings of Vibora NPC, in either Klaipeda or Orsha, you can trade in that knowledge for bonus EXP cards of various levels helping in the process of speeding up your character levels so you don't have to grind as much.

Collection Sets when complete serve as a permanent statistics boost to ALL YOUR CHARACTERS in your team. It is very worthwhile especially if you have other characters that are harder to level(support classes) and have a larger boost of magical attack, crit rate, physical attack, hp recovery, sp recovery, total increased max health and others at level 1 making the first 50-90 levels rocket speed compared to your first cha

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XenoSword said:Thanks KradisZ for the helpful guide, I do use keyboard so finding these chest are pretty hard! As for grinding for the materials.... that\'s another story.

Tree of Savior - Overview - Exploration, Classes & Roles, EXP Curves; Highlights

By: KradisZ posted at Dec 01, 2015 9:29 pm

Hey everyone, so after a bit more experience with the game here's what I found to shine in the game in its features and what the game has to offer.

Tree of Savior is a big hit so far just off its Closed Betas, meaning when it's opened and released it's safe to assume it's probably going to be that much bigger. Closed Beta isn't really conclusive of everything the game has but really what it's showing what its got so far is pretty solid for its base design. The game has very good strong gameplay foundations with mechanics, freedom of choice, permanence, party play elements, and that actual MMORPG feel.

Art by Maggi An Jeong Won, Art Director of Tree of Savior.

What do I mean by the actual MMORPG feel? I feel like I'm actually playing a massively multiplayer game&nbs

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Guest said:you forgot the borring fact. grind a lot, always the same kind of missions, monotone boss AI. is just always the same and same and same. already know more than 400 online games and this only gave me 4...

Tree of Savior: Boss Run Fun

By: Scion Storm posted at Nov 03, 2015 9:58 am

I had so much fun making this video. The bosses in this game give me great joy. It thrust me back into 20 years ago. Being scared and frustrated at bosses. Getting that happy annoyance when something is a little harder then you expected. And almost making you wish you had a cheat code. Then when you least expect it you pull out that win. Now how many cases can we say that nowadays?

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Guest said:you had fun because swordsman is easy mode.try archer, i dare you, ruin the whole game for you

5 Amazing Features That Players Love from Tree Of Saviour 1st CBT

By: MissNguiQ posted at Sep 06, 2015 1:12 am

As mentioned earlier, it seems to be true that Indonesia will be the next station Tree of Savior and Gemscool will the one who will publish it in Indonesia. Not only that, Indonesian mmo fans also lucky to have the opportunity and tested the 1st CBT last week on August 27th – 30th, not too long after the pre-launch event held in Jakarta on July 9th.

As one of those who participated in the CBT, I want to share my view about the ToS CBT but don’t worry I won’t wasting your time reading all the features you already knew way better than me. In this article, I held a poll asking 100 players that participated in CBT to know 5 most favorite features in ToS. This the 5 most favorite features, let’s check it out!

5th : Open-world Map

As we all already know, ToS has open-world map feature with tot

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Guest said:To hold you off, you can play Inspirit online till this comes out. If you like a challenge you can find it there.Only thing I have a prob. with that game is the roll mech. that is actually not a dodge...

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