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Legend of the Condor Heroes Extended Trailer

By: Scion Storm posted at Oct 27, 2015 6:09 am

Main Page= http://sd.wanmei.com/

I was put onto this trailer. I needed to alter the sound so YT would take it. It came out pretty good considering how bad the original was. This game had a rough start to be honest. However, it has come on strong as of late. And the new additions to the game make it worth playing again.

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Guest said:Dated graphic. Chinese game? Not even consider.

Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero First Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Sep 30, 2014 9:17 am

Main SiteLearn How to play

I won't waste your time trying to analyze this. I'll be frank this game is a clone. I usually don't like to be lazy and use a term like that. But sometimes games leave you absolutely no choice. Now when I say clone. I'm talking about what the game takes after.

Basically if you have played Dragon Nest or Kritika. Then well hey you have played this game already. What sets this game out to be a little different, is the fighting moves and story. Both of which are actually pretty good. But that takes you but so far in the world of MMO.


Nice action fighting dynamic at times
A lot of voice acting, in fact almost everyone talks.
Nice music and sounds in game.
A lot of freebies, they just give away items in game right now.
Major population and a lot of american gamers are playing. Finding a group for dungeons is not a problem.
A lot of cool looking Asian theme clothes. You get some for free early.


Absolutely zero I can find innovated in this game. Or something I ca

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Guest said:after ArcheAge i doubt i will see another well-polished asian MMO, im not saying ArcheAge is the korean World of Warcraft, but its as close as it can get

Condor Heroes Zero Open Beta Trailer+How to play 9/25

By: Scion Storm posted at Sep 25, 2014 4:51 am

The day has finally come. Condor Heroes Zero is now out, and so far no lag and all fun. I discuss in this video how to join the Open Beta. And show you the rather epic trailer for the game at the end. The music really set the mood.

Open beta means no key is needed for this one. Just a Perfect World account in China. Most of my viewers already have it or know how to do it. All I can tell you on that is Google is your friend. And you should be perfectly fine on that. But if you still end up stuck feel free to contact me. I'll help you out it's really easy.

Main Site for Sign Up Is Here

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Guest said:like this one..i will try it :D

Legend of Condor Heroes Zero Closed Beta 2 Character Customization+How to Play

By: Scion Storm posted at Aug 14, 2014 12:41 pm
Main Page Condor Zero

*his is really one of the prettier games out right now. It's very cinematic and storytelling. And I like the action, controls are a bit weird. Or maybe I'm just not doing it right in the settings. But other than that, I would recommend finding a way into this one.
I just got into the game last night. And it took a bit to figure out how to make it work correctly. To get a key for this game is easy. Just make a Perfect World account. It's not hard to do, guides exist for that. After you have a account, go to the main page. And look to the left and click get Z points. These points cover a range of activities they want you to do. Use Google Chrome to translate it all.

Most of the activities are things like download a pc checker. And register your games settings. Other a

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Pikangie said:Action type combat, good-looking males that aren\'t buff and have cool clothes, and females with actual clothes...Well, could use more face options and hair styles/colors, but I definitely will try th...

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