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Dice Venture [FIRST LOOK]

By: Katling21 posted at Jun 14, 2013 3:25 am

Hello to everyone who reads it!

Today I will be making a first look on Dice Venture. It is a casual board game with chat features published by Netmarble, the publisher of Arcane Saga and Uncharted Waters Online. It's a pretty much Monopoly based game with only some features changed (Prison = Desert Island, different cities and buildings, etc.) And, God, I haven't played that game in ages. When I was a kid this game was THE game.

You have to download the client but it's a low spec game so it should run smoothly on every computer. At least it did on my Vaio, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this first look because my gaming laptop needs to see a doctor. /sad

After logging in you can choose a char. It will be your game card. Since Katrina was the closest version to my name,

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Nanbo said:Nice preview of something different! To bad not a button to throw table if you lose XD

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