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The best place to buy FIFA18 Points

By: maxmai posted at Apr 25, 2018 5:59 am

Do you know about the FIFA 18 Points? Do you know where is the cheapest store to buy the  FIFA 18 Points?

So how do we make this calculation ? First we use the packs prices. In average, the packs you buy with 1000 FIFA 18 Points can also be bought with 50 thousand coins. Since you only get back 60% of your investment, in fact you will be buying 30k coins with those FIFA 18 Points. We also know the average prices of FIFA 18 Points which means that it is not difficult to conclude that 100 thousand coins can be indirectly purchased with £26 or 31 €. It’s up to you to decide if this is an high price or not to strengthen your team and your FUT account.

Obviously, when you decide to buy a pack you do it because you are dreaming with pulling a few amazing cards. You don’t do it because of profit. There is always a hope. However, if you make a study like we did you will realize that your chances of getting good cards are low. Since you can buy cards directly in the market, th

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