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[Review] Fishing Hero (CBT)

By: Zugai posted at May 16, 2013 3:04 am

Fishing Hero is one of the rare “Fishing MMOGs” out there.

And it’s F2P.


Pretty nice. You have detailed models of the fishes, good looking player models, nice 2D pictures of the fishes. Just the “Underwater view” and the shore look a bit sub par.

Loading screens are low res (probably going to be fixed with OBT)


I’m kind of missing the sound of an engine and the waves if you move your boat.

Other ambient sounds and music are good.

Character Creation:

You got 6 premade characters per gender and you can only customize the stats a bit.

The stats influence damage on “hooking”, damage on reeling, damage on “pulling the rod”, resulting in “strike” or “stun”. Standard is 50 all and you got 10 points to distribute.

Later on you can buy different clothing (2-3 different designs per set piece) and costumes.

Main Menu:

After finishing the tutorial on “How to Fish” you can start Freestyle play or Team match (Other modes like “Contest” weren’t available yet, so was the Auctionhouse.)

In both mod

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Malgis said:personally I plaied it and loved it , logged over 25 hrs in it myself

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