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Panzar Arena Action MMO Hands On

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 20, 2013 7:20 am

Sometimes you get games to look out you never expected. I remember briefly seeing this game and saying what is that? Most people call this a MMO Arena game. A few games have tried to survive like this. Most of those games were shooters are heart. This one has shades of Warhammer, WoW, and GW2. All smashed into a nice mix of simple fun.


First thing you notice is how outstanding the game looks on high settings. But on the flip side it can scale down and be played on a toaster if you wanted to. Which means mostly anyone can enjoy it always a plus. Means a greater number of gamers may get enjoyment out of this title.

Game Play
The game play in this game is simple. Kill or be killed is the name of the game here. You have a base left mouse click normal attack. And a right mouse click power attack. A weaker attack can lead into a power attack. But not vice versa in fact you will kinda just stand there if you try that. Not good in a pvp game extremely not good. You can also block with the

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