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Prime World: First Look Open Beta

By: Scion Storm posted at Jul 28, 2013 4:03 am

To say this is an interesting title is putting it lightly. Prime World is a moba technically. That has deep rpg customization. And castle building and tending aspects to it's game play. Which makes it a tad different then what we are used to. In all it makes a fun ride worth trying if you ask me. Another thing that intrigues me is as you get characters. You can take skills from them and add to your favorite character. The customization is somewhat scary and daunting like that. Because you could think you're doing the right thing. But in fact screwing up two characters, so be careful with that. You have to pay to change the skills back and forth. 

You also need your money for other things in the game like the castle. And the upkeep of your warriors and buildings. So make sure you research and think hard. From what I see money in the beginning of this game is not abundant for mistakes. One more thing I like to add not shown in this video. Is this games damage scale is rather high f

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Guest said:ewwwwwwww looks boring

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