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Puzzle Pirates joins in Steams f2p mmo list

By: Zevri posted at Sep 03, 2011 7:53 pm



I am a little late in sharing this, but Puzzle Pirates is another mmo that join the ranks of others on Steam. This isn't a big surprise in the least, being that Spiral Knights, which is also made by Three Rings, has been on steam for a bit now. But either way, I see it as a welcome addition.

To top it off, since Puzzle Pirates is a new addition to Steam, they have a special offer for those of us to join the ranks with our Steam accounts:


Now I am not sure if this offer will last for a full seven days, or till the end of Sunday, but if you’re at least interested in the game, it is worth popping in early to grab the items. Also, as per to Steam’s ways, the game does come with a hefty amount of achievements, to those who like to collect those. In the case of Puzzl

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nilfred said:wow sarap

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