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Soldier Front 2 Early Access Closed Beta Review

By: Luminosity posted at Jun 08, 2013 8:18 am


Now let me begin by saying that these are all personal opinions from a Veteran First Person Shooters point of view =3=.

I don't care what your opinions are, if you wanna express them then make your own reviews! :D

Now lets get started. "Soldier Front 2" originally named "Special Force 2" is a highly competitive Korean Free-2-Play First Person Shooter action PC game created by DragonFly GF Co. LTD. It is also the sequel to the highly popular First Person Shooter "Special Force" ("Soldier Front" in NA). There is also multiple versions of Special Force available depending on where you reside in.

The North American version is currently going through the Closed Beta testing phase. So not a lot of content will be available as of yet, however you'll ge

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Guest said:another pay to win game, after they fked up ava, no interest in trying anything from aeriagames

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