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Something Something Review on Fever Mix

By: Forgott3nLT posted at Apr 01, 2013 1:13 am

Yo peeps, today I'll try my best of doing this article and I'm writing something other than comments for the first  time here .

Anyway Fever Mix is a F2P 3d mmo dancing game, in which you dance your way through out the game, in others you just slash or shoot your way out .
As you know, Asian mmos have lots of cash shop items like costumes and I think this one will have plenty, because some people like to be bright in the crowd and it's a good way to earn cash. I don't think that those items will get you stats, because in this game you don't need any stats, just your reaction and quick hands.
As I was playing I noticed that now customization is very limited, but as you know it was only a 24hr test and lots of stuff aren't showed yet. The "training" or tutorial part was buggy, or it was bugged to me, I just skipped that and went on playing. As I was playing my first match, I was pressing key arrows and stuff, but nothing happened ,just miss miss miss, in the end of the maContinue Reading
bearface said:Good boy!! XD Loooooove you so much~~~

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