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Arcane Saga Level 1-31 First Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 07, 2013 6:42 am

Arcane Saga is a reboot of Prius Online. Some don't like this reboot however, they got rid of liked and dislike aspects of the game. I did a review on the first 31 levels of the game. In my usual fashion I left out mundane questing and grinding. Showing only whats important and things people looking in will care about. The systems combat and feel of the game enjoy.

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Guest said:\"feel of the game enjoy.\"lol

Arcane Saga Launches

By: Lierkxis posted at Jun 05, 2013 11:14 pm

Arcane Saga Online

Arcane Saga Online 

Players obtain myriad unique skills and then can plan and execute their own combos and bonuses. 

The Combo system creates an exclusive and fun combat style where players choose the rewards. 

Timing is crucial, but the perks are worth it!

Learn multiple jobs for each class and power up. 

The more jobs known the more options players have in battle. 

Each job focuses on a different role (DPS, Heals, Tanking or PvP) and changing jobs is as easy as changing your gear!

Always be ready to defend yourself in the bloodthirsty world of Prius. 

Be on your toes with our open world PvP (only available on PvP servers) or make a name for yourself and your guild in our PvP Arenas and Castle Siege events (available post launch)!

Arcane Saga Online

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Macleod said:yes im playin it, i choose templar class

[First Look] Arcane Saga (CBT)

By: Zugai posted at May 14, 2013 12:35 am

Arcane Saga CBT First look:

Arcana Saga is the revamp of „Prius“/“Anima Online“

[s]Emotional[/s] Fantasy RPG

Intro cutscene:


Character Creation:

7 “Base characters” (different race/gender) with 2 jobs each.

4 of them being female, 3 male.

10 hairstyles, 9 faces, 36 hair colors, 72 skin colors (skin color palette + rainbow color palette)

Anima Creation:

8 hairstyles, 6 faces, hair colors, 72 skin colors (skin color palette + rainbow color palette)

Compared to “Prius Online” it lacks the ability to choose a disposition.


One hint per lvl up, seems random, most hints come (way) too late.


Loading screens are low resolution (600x800?)

Minimap UI is messy and minimalistic.

Font is small and unlegible against lighter backgrounds.


Glitches and stutters on launch/login to Chara selection.


WASDQE control, chose a target with mouse and attack.

Space to jump, 1-0 for skills/items.


Your 08/15 “kill this, get that, talk to that guy” quest system with short dialogues.


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Just Me Shyvana said:You forgot to mention how they completely fucked up the game beyond all reason. And how the company lied too its players about bringing back Prius Online.They have continued to lie about their populat...

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