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Onigiri Online Early Strong Weapons Guide

By: Scion Storm posted at Jul 25, 2014 11:49 am

Welcome back to Onigiri Online. I wanted to make a quick guide on how to make strong weapons early in Onigiri for free.

Where to go?

For starters you want to get to the Byakkou Cavern. There you want to live there for a few days. Farm with groups build up cash and resources.You also will level at a good clip. You can see good exp from level 15-40 in that cave. This is also an excellent time to pop any exp potions you have saved up.

Securing Materials
You will get a ton of weapons to identify. Keep all the copies of the same weapons you pick. Pick which ever weapons suit your style. And after your done picking whatever you like. You need one of your partner npc's to help you out. Yoshitune the purple haired strict npc you have with you does the job.

The process of Enhancing/Smithing

Head over to Yoshitune and start enhancing those weapons. Once you reach level 10 you can smelt a weapon.
Smelting takes your current maxed level weapon. Allows it to break though to the next 10 levels. At the c

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exsaber said:Thanks for this, I think thanks to you i\'m actually going to give this game another shot. I was much too biased based on the graphics but you make the game seem really good.

Onigiri Online First Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 13, 2014 4:41 pm

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Honestly guys this game pissed me off when I first started reviewing it. It was horrible and I was in the midst of making the review saying that. The footage playing on the bottom right is actually the original review. Rather than scrap it I decided to use it on the bottom. Well pretty much a day ago the Dev team introduced a new patch. I want to call this a miracle patch because boy did it change everything.

The patch fixed the weapon scaling. Before it was terrible and unbalanced. The exp was the worst gain I have seen ever. Now it's still not great but you can work with it. It's better to play with people and do dungeons and quests. A lot of dungeons exist so if something bores you. Go try one of the other 20-30 dungeons. Some are boss fights strictly which is n

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claudiojoana said:old game is old game.....

Onigiri Online Anime Character Creation 1080p

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 07, 2014 11:31 am

Play Onigiri= http://onigiri.cyberstep.com/

Onigirl Character Creation with that song :)

Onigiri is an MMO Action RPG with a fast weapon changing battle system.
Join a party of other players or travel with 8 NPC companions on your journey. With simple controls, you can dive into the thrilling world of Onigiri.
Switch between weapons to battle through the Youkai.

With that said this game does look rather yesterday. But graphics aren't everything. Sometimes a games total package can be enough.


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Guest said:game is fine ...but exp rates are so bad 2/10 from original servers lv cap 105 forcing ppl to grind from the start I know its still CB hope they do something about it

Onigiri Online (not exactly) CBT [First Look]

By: Katling21 posted at Jun 05, 2014 4:59 pm

So while taking a study break I found out that Onigiri Beta test was launching today. I am not really sure if it is appropriate to call it a CBT as everyone can play. 

Isn't a CBT supposed to be only for a certain amount of players? Apparently not for Cyberstep. They decide to be hipster that way, I guess.

Official website can be found here.

But let's not drill further on that. Let's get the first look.

In this blog I will have a look at following aspects of the game:

1) Character creation (duh... In my opinion that's even the most fun part of games)

2) Character types

3) Weapons

4) Mechanics, skills and stats

5) Dungeons

Let's get started!

1) Character creation

This is actually pretty fun in Onigiri. You can't choose between races like in many other mmos but you choose you

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Natsuji said:By the way, exp rates are broken for Closed Beta, and have been since Alpha. It\'s hard to level and players will be reaching level 20 dungeons at lvl 6-7. Hopefully they fix this by Open Beta, unless...

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