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Ragnarok Online Guardians of Eternal Love (AWESOME MOBILE GAME)

By: Immortal MBCG posted at Apr 27, 2017 5:07 am
Hi there fellow Ragnaddicts! :)

I'm Marvin, some call me 'Immortal MBCG'. I started my youtube channel 5 months ago to show my gaming experience and to help people make it through games and at the same time entertain them! 

In all my years playing PC games, XBOX, PS games, and mobile games, this mobile version of Ragnarok Online has been the best in my opinion. There are a lot of dungeon based games, turn-based games, and MMORPG that I have played and it gets a little boring in the end. But this one gives me the chills of my high school years and at the same time - I was totally happy with the improvements they've made in the game:
1. Gameplay - the gameplay took the attributes of a mobile game and at the same time has the same spirit of a PC game

2. NO BOTS - botting will never be possible here because of the auto attack feature they gave the characters and the stamina limit.

3. Graphics - TOTALLY awesome! Combined crisp 2D display and 3D action in one game! At the same ti

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Cellular distribution method of small power 4g cell phone jammer kit

By: chuckchen posted at Sep 18, 2014 2:19 am
Layer by layer cellular installation of a building     This is the most common way that install 4g cell phone signal jammer in corridor of every floor at equidistant position, on suspended ceiling or ceiling (if there is). Also we can choose mount on corridor sides method, in general, install height of cell phone signal jammer is 1.8-2.5m.
    4G Cell phone jammer is installed in the corridor of each floor. Shielding signal transmit by each doors and windows. Considering attenuation influence on signal from building wall, area of shielding signal&nbsContinue Reading
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Ragnarok Zero Classes Announced!

By: Xaenex posted at Sep 27, 2013 7:01 pm

The Ragnarok Zero classes have been announced! Take a look here if you'd like to know more. In addition, I'll be uploading a guide I've made for those who would like to play the Chinese version of Ragnarok Zero, known as Ragnarok Prelude, which is available to play.

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Ragnarok Zero First Look | Ragnarok Prelude First Look

By: Xaenex posted at Sep 15, 2013 10:36 am

Ragnarok Zero (known as Ragnarok Prelude in China), just release its Chinese version a few days ago and I'm here to bring you an in-depth First Look at the game. In addition to the Ragnarok Zero First Look, I've also written an article introducing the game. You can look forward to the English version's closed beta in a few months, as for now, enjoy the Ragnarok Zero First Look! 

Introducing Ragnarok Zero

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BlackRaisons said:The music is soo nostalgic...

RO1's New Summer Equipment Box

By: niiniichan posted at Jul 28, 2013 9:39 pm

This week only we have a special promotion where we are giving a new Renewal Headgear box for each 2000 Kafra points you spend in the game. The promotion applies to points spent between 12am July 24th through 11:59pm July 31st.

[The Summer Gear Box] gives a random headgear from the following list at random. The box is account bound, but the items inside can be freely traded and vended. The boxes will be distributed on Renewal through Code The Redeemer after the event has concluded.

-Fidelity Necklace
-Sinsuncho Hat
-Drosera Hairpin
-Black Shiba Inu Hat
-Butterfly Wing Ear
-Anemos Mask

Fidelity Necklace

A collar symbolizing a close relationship. AGI + 2. When equipped with a Black Shiba Inu Hat, while attacking has a low chance to increase Attack by an additional 30 for 5 seconds. Refine rate of the headgear increases the chance that the additional attack power is activated. Decrease 3% of damage received from animal monster. Class : Accessory
Defense : 0
Weight : 30
Required Level :

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Ragnarok Online:Valkyrie Uprising "RUBY TIPS!"

By: Myshka♥Maya posted at Jul 17, 2013 2:00 am



a free roulette spin held everyday for each character.

Note that if you will notice.. each account have a chance to do the DAILY SPIN trice (3x) since the maximum char for each account is 3*

Create a new character and test your LUCK!

Sharing this info coz am feeling generous since I got my 'Little Angel Hat' today~ <3 <3 <3

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Anonymous said:how will u transfer the rubbies to ur main character??

Ragnarok Online:Valkyrie Uprising "GOLD TIPS!"

By: Myshka♥Maya posted at Jul 16, 2013 10:03 pm

So am playing RO:VU more than I should and having 3-4 hours max of sleep.. but totally worth it.. xD So here..


Event Manager! (Lan Forta)

Get the Quest and Earn GOLDS

NOTE: GOLD is different from Zennies and Rubies

Gold can be traded for different items ranging from pets to equips

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Anonymous said:Where can you exchange gold coins for pets?

Ragnarok: Prequel - Trailer

By: Myshka♥Maya posted at Jul 09, 2013 7:03 pm

Developed by: Dream² andOfficially licensed from Gravity

- One of the best browser MMORPG developers in China

Ragnarok: Prequel ended it's first test* last month (June 2013)

The dungeon system here is somewhat similar to games such as Dungeon Fighter’s and Dragon Nest’s, with a couple of difficulty levels. The monster cards are still there as well, thought it follows RO 2′s system where they are equipped on to characters rather than gears.

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Ragnarok Online - The War against Monsters over decades

By: KradisZ posted at Aug 22, 2012 6:09 am

Ragnarok Online over a decade old and more. One of the first MMORPGs that has critically hit almost every gamer's mind if they grew up in that generation. Not to be presumptuous but even to say that all gamers have heard of Ragnarok Online may not be an exaggeration.

That being said even new gamers and young gamers of the new generation still hear the echo of battle with which Ragnarok Online brings.

Ragnarok Online is a surviving player. It only fights against 1 monster. That's right ONE SINGLE MONSTER.

That monster is called time.

Gravity Co.'s baby is Ragnarok Online. It has enough Vitality to fight time for over 12 years and more. With the amount of Luck it has it could still be going for another few years or to a full second decade making it one of the oldest MMOs

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SpStiches said:Quaint * Monocle Face *

Ragnarok Online Attempts Comeback in European Market

By: Lushy posted at Jul 20, 2012 12:18 am

Gravity Europe posted today that their biggest update in ten years for Ragnarok Online is now available. Appropriately named, Ragnarok Online Renewal, the update includes a revamped user interface for several of its systems and 13 new classes. Along with the patch, two new games are now available in the Apple Store of iOS devices. 

Ragnarok Violet is an RPG adventure with over 50 quests, including the ablity to swap weapons, have pets, customize your costume, and even an in-game cash shop. Angel Poring is a new iOS puzzle game, that I'm guessing is similar to Chuzzle. You match up porings, who then explode. 

Watch the latest update trailer below:

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