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Mystic Fighter CH Now Open Beta Free2play

By: Scion Storm posted at Oct 10, 2014 8:09 am

As promised here is Mystic Fighter CH Open beta! And pretty much here is how you get into it. First you already know what I'm going to say.

Get a QQ account! I can't tell you exactly anymore I used to. But YouTube said nope no more of that. So you can just Google "How to get a QQ Account in English" The third or fourth link down with be a link with a video on it.

TGP Download

Now second you need TGP. This is a booster for QQ games and allows you to bypass a lot of the non sense installing the games. It has gotten a lot better the past few months. Set your pc to Chinese Region and Language in your control panel.

Don't worry it won't change anything on your pc. Only make TGP think you're in China. Which gets rid of 98% of any bugs you will face. Once you have TGP installed, hit the top D

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Guest said:When I try signing up for a QQ account, I am prompted to enter my phone number for a verification step. However, it says mainland China only, and tells me there\'s an error when I try my US cell phon...

Mystic Fighter Online Extended Look Boss Battles

By: Scion Storm posted at Jun 04, 2014 3:06 am

Mystic Fighter Online is a true throwback game. It has levels that make you feel nostalgic. Like falling from a sky scraper fighting on pieces of the build. Or fighting above a raging train down the tracks. Right now it only has 4 characters to pick from. But just like dungeon fighter everything can be altered about them. The game does have an upgrade system, but it’s easy to use. A actually in depth auction house compared to other games like it. And a freely customizable skill system. That allows you to use the attacks you want and scrap what you don’t like.

Right now characters have 3 choices to branch from for a class change. Each change is different and offers different gameplay. So make sure to watch the videos on each. You don’t want to make a bad choice. For those of you who want to Continue Reading
Nanbo said:If you are covering Rusty Hearts, are you also going to do Dragons Nest?

Mystic Fighter First Look

By: Scion Storm posted at Apr 08, 2014 8:01 am

Sign Up Here

Hey guys I finally got this to work for me. And I know a lot of people miss Dungeon Fighter. So here is Mystic Fighter Korean Server. It's every ones dream who used to play Double Dragon like games. But like Dungeon Fighter it's in mmorpg settings. I'll say you can make your way onto this game. And they have guides around to do so. I managed to make a second account. 

Unfortunately I can't circulate how to do that. I have to respect certain rules laid out. But I can give you the link to the site. And tell you it's possible.

You have 4 characters you can choose from. A Swordswoman, A Mage Female, A Whip Wielder Male, And A Mech Brawler. In this video I'll be used the green haired Swordswoman. And show three different levels in the game. And the interface settings that goes along with the game. 

Enjoy SS

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Guest said:wow, looks like I\'d jump on this game in a heartbeat. if it was in english. After struggling through bns China and all the english patches, and still not knowing what is going on, I\'m just going to ...

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