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Hounds Online: MMO Survival Horror Kr Version

By: Scion Storm posted at Apr 21, 2014 12:22 am

Can you say Resident Evil Online? That is pretty much what this game looks like. And that is AWESOME! The game gives you limited choices on character selection. But has massive choices in weapons and weapon customization. Also has plenty of missions side missions and quests. The game reminds me of Dragon Nest. You have a base you run through for everything. All quests and missions are done instances at locations.

Raid locations exist as well. Only four I can see at the moment. But from what I can see this game is all action gore and team work. You can run and gun some times. But other times you need to be defensive use traits and powers. So you don't get over run by enemies. The game also has a random boss spawn event. You need to guard against it whenever it happens. This usually happens

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Pelagato said:Let me guess... You are Sironeko.. cuzz it does have those awesomely looking English characters....

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