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Make money in Asura Force Online

By: ansoni77 posted at May 12, 2014 11:09 pm

Hi everyone,

Recently I found a free MMORPG Asura Force Online

It's an another WOW-like MMORPG, 2 factions, 5 classes and 10 dungeons/raids.

What's the difference with WOW?

  • There is a small game client (about 450M);
  • It's a free game;
  • Nice graphical interface;
  • Loveful marriage system;
  • Unique force system;
  • Easy level up via Auto-fight function in-game

  • Get awsome reward everyday via daily task system

But...how to make money?

There is an affiliate event: http://www.asuraforce.com/news/2014-05-08-5556.html

 I have refered my friends to play together, then I can earn the game point (A-Points) to exchange kinds of props in-game ;)

If you like it, please play with me: http://www.asuraforce.com/joinaf?ac=bruceLee-pf

See you in game !!

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Asura Force Storm Review

By: Silentstorminc posted at Dec 27, 2012 9:26 am

Watch my last review for Age of Wushu here

This game is a typical eastern grinder. I will however admit it looks really good for one. The attacks are really well done. The game does do a good job of explaining it's many systems. The bad of this is the story is almost a non factor or even found. It's very vague why you are doing anything in the game at all. Normal animations again like I found in my last review were left at the wayside.

The sound in the game is actually pretty good and worth a thumbs up. The character customization however is subpar. With very few choices on how you look and almost all of it is you look like a asian. When appealing to the western market games just don't have the leeway to be average in customization.

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