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Devilian Shuts Down on March 5! Many Events As Goodbye

By: Nocht posted at Feb 01, 2018 1:10 pm
Devilian, the free to play isometic MMORPG developed by Bluhole and published by Trion Worlds will close its doors on March 5, 2018. Events will run from now until the server finally ends all connections. There will be bonus experience, gold, gems, Enigma keys and flower drops to help players reach endgame content while they can.

For those who still have credits in Devilian, the currency can be transfered to one of the other games by Trion Worlds. The choices are: Rift, Trove, Atlas Reactor, Defiance or ArcheAge. A welcome package will also be included upon transfer.

The South Korean version of Devilian been shut down for over two years, and so this title may be taking its final steps forever. Who knows?

Here is the message from the Devilian Team:

"An important message for all Devilians…

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Guest said:hahahahhahahahaahhahaha

Devilian: Quick Review and worth playing

By: Scion Storm posted at Dec 18, 2015 11:34 am

I decided next up was Devilian to get a look at. The game is very easy to get into. It's also a free2play ARPG you guys should try out. Just in time for the holidays too!

Play Devilian= http://www.trionworlds.com/devilian/en/

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Guest said:i heard the game was very bland & i dont trust trion anyway

Devilian - Not so much Devilian

By: Tony259 posted at Nov 02, 2015 12:32 pm

Devilian is a game I've enjoyed fairly casually so far, its simplicity in getting started and progressing is definitely a strong point for any game and fortunately this game pulls it off. You start the game in a little instanced area to get you started with the story and get straight into the games combat. As you would expect with any game like this you have full control over aiming your skills, you can move by either holding down left click which will have your character move in the direction of your arrow, or you can use the conventional "wasd" keys to move about.


The questing in the game is very conventional with how and what you generally do, so you pick up a quest either from an NPC or a quest notification will pop up above your quest log, the same goes for handing them

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kinggamerkg said:the review is on point pve is so much fun while pvp suck ass 20v20 15 range class 5 melee class if they really sit down and balanced the human form this game will be 8/10 instead of 6/10

Devilian Character Creation/Gameplay/Alpha Key Giveaway 10/29

By: Scion Storm posted at Oct 28, 2015 6:33 am

Thanks to the dev team for allowing me into the CBT. For those of you that remember Devilian is a Diablo like dungeon crawler with its own twist. You can choose 4 playable classes that can transform into devil forms. You also have full control of your skill set with three paths you can go down.

This video pretty much show cases character creation and intro game play. I will be streaming this game for the next few days on YouTube Gaming. i also have keys I'll be giving away October 29th at 7pm est.Only condition to these keys is you must be subbed before the 29th to the channel. Anyone subbed on the 29th is not eligible for alpha keys.

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Devilian Online - First Impression - Intense action, quick paced and flashy

By: KradisZ posted at Oct 22, 2015 4:32 pm

Hey guys, so I just played through the beta that started today and wanted to share this with you asap because I was so thrilled and excited that I decided to carry this adrenaline into getting you all this information super fast.

While a first impression mainly only covers the surface of a game, a review of an MMO is much harder to make due to needing lots of time invested into a game before a full on review could be made. That's why I've resorted to making First Impressions instead to gauge if a title would do well in its genre/category or target audience.

Devilian Online is definitely targeted at ARPG(Action Role Playing Game) players. The game has difficulty or at least I think it does since even the first dungeon is already pounding my character''s HP from small mistakes. The game

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kokomana said:It is actually a terrible game. Controls are clunky. cameras are awkward, and honestly, if you\'re going to copy Diablo, do it right. It is somewhat fun, but honestly i think they should have tried le...

Devilian Online CBT 1st look

By: ivsa posted at Oct 22, 2015 2:56 pm

>Finally Devilian CBT has started.Launch was quite good,without any major problems,some ppl had few error's that were easily fixed.As for me im playing on Beta -EU server,according to main site and forum posts from devs 10.000 keys were sent out,they were affraid of queue but there was non thank god.Anyway pretty decent CBT start.

>The game itself is,at least for me,pretty much like Diablo/Path of Exile kinda game.It has all elements of hack and slash game,it's and MMO wich means you can do PvP,co-op event boss fights and PvE(solo and 3 man party dungeons).It has log in daily rewards,daily quests,guild quests and challenges,that give you special rewards each stage you complete them.You can do up to 15 daily quests per day.You can choose between 4 classes.Now in game you play as norm

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Devilian Online CBT

By: ivsa posted at Oct 22, 2015 2:49 am

>Let's go everyone CBT is almost on,if you got your beta key you can now go and check your mail and download launcher for Devilian via Glyph.If you got your beta key make sure to join us all in testing this what just might be a Diablo 3 killer or at least what it should have look like if they delivered what they promised.

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Devilian Online Coming To Na Soon

By: Scion Storm posted at Sep 02, 2015 7:57 am

Just a little relook at Devilian Online. It will soon be coming into beta on North American shores. So I just wanted to remind people and give you a little taste of the fun. Devilian is an ARPG game a long the same lines as Diablo. But in this game you are a half demon half human hero. Who can call upon your demon powers once your bar is full. You have four classes to choose from. And many attacks to master. What kind of skill build for each is up to you. TrionWorlds is the west publisher so it should be interesting.

Devilian Sign Up

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flawlessgem said:Those founder\'s pack prices...wtf!

Devilian Shadow Hunter First Look Gameplay

By: RabbitFootTV posted at Apr 23, 2015 10:26 am

The Thai version of Devilian has entered the closed beta.Devilian is an action mmo rpg similar to Diablo.There are four classes available in the game,the Elementalist,the Shadow Hunter,the Duelist and the Cannon Shooter,each class has three different talent trees for further customization.This is a first look at the Shadow Hunter,an agile vampire with a chain as a weapon.

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Devilian Online First impressions

By: Scion Storm posted at Aug 19, 2014 11:58 am

Devilian is one of those games. You know you seen somewhere before. Because you have its Diablo with better controls. I’ll admit when I cut it on, I was two seconds from the uninstall button. But the games character design and storytelling. Made me hold off on my immediate first impression. And don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t going to axe the game because it was bad. My first impression was “clone” I’m tired of clones screw this game.

But I kept playing, and to my surprise the game made me stick around. I like the demon soul system. I like being able to customize my character. And I like that every dungeon has a story. Some maybe smaller stories than others. But at least they tried to give you some kind of interaction. Beyond go in there and kill somebody. That is the main reason I kept pla

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